Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sit there and finish your dinner or you'll be going to bed without dessert!

Its always worth it finishing dinner...

Today's dinner and dessert was to honor my husband Mark and give him a soft place to fall upon his return home tonight.
He did a 100 mile bicycle ride today called the "RACC", or "Ride Around Clark County" to be exact. As I have said before, he is one of the most awsome people I know!


  1. Saw you on Coralie's blog. Your blog header made me jump for a moment. It's the one I used to use! I always loved it!

    Sounds like your husband is quite the athlete.

    And also sounds like you are quite the accomplished baker!

    Yummy sounding recipe.

  2. Hi Jenny, Welcome to my little blog and thank you for the compliments! (I saw this banner and loved it, so thought it would be sort of fun for a while).
    The recipe is from a Weight Watcher recipe. If you're familiar with the program, they're only 2 PTS each (a lot of bang for your buck:)
    My grandsons call my husband "Ironman Papa" because at 57 years old he is quite the athlete as you said.
    I too am a quilter and can't wait to peruse your site, it already looks wonderfully dangerous:)
    PS I have a fun (easy) Quiche recipe in April's archive ("Quiche Anyone?") if you are interested.

  3. aha! chocolate... knew I might find some somewhere over here...and look at that will ya... weight watchers? ...alright..... no calories at all..... heh heh...


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