Thursday, May 6, 2010

As they say...

"If you don't have anything nice to say,
pull up a chair!"


  1. Just found your blog. Love your "attitude" toward life! Also love those chairs. We enjoy those architectural warehouse visits as well. You have a new "follower".


  2. Where on earth were you on what looks like a wonderful excursion? Love all those extrordinary chairs, especially the one with the tapestry seat! Love to you sister-friend. Lori

  3. Oh, brother, do I feel dumb! If I had just scrolled down further I would have found the answer to my question. "live and learn"; Talk soon. Lori

  4. Oh its OK, I do the same thing:)
    Yes I wanted that chair but Mr. Mark was with me:)

  5. Love following your blog. Betty suggested we visit this place when we are in OR in July and I agree.
    Aunt Patty

  6. Thank you for stopping by my new blog! I sincerely appreciate your support. I love computers and really miss it since I haven't been working. This channels some of that and I love to decorate and help people so hopefully this will do both!

    You have a new follower and I really like your blog! I love seeing new follower faces, don't you???? I wish we had places like that to go to around here. The best I have is "Antique Malls" where you can't find too many deals!


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