Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ladies Day Luncheon...

OK I've never done the Tablescape Thursday before but wanted to join the party here. Now anybody that knows me, knows I love to entertain. Not only do I love entertaining but when I do, say its Christmas, Thanksgiving, or an open house for the holidays my favorite part is setting my table. For me, it is the frosting on the cake after all the prep and cooking of the meal is finished. I save this part for last and anticipate what the final "picture will look like".
One such event was a simple "Ladies Day Luncheon" I did for my lady friends. It was my way of celebrating these two women in my life and to let them know how much I cherish their friendship. One of those women is my BFFL, Lori of whom helped me wrap the antique silverware the for the 60th anniversary party on July 17th.
The table was set with part of my collection of "Lady Head vases"...apropos wouldn't you agree?

These are from the 1940's-1950's and were used by florists as a promotional gift to get folks to come in and purchase floral arrangements. Back then they didn't really have much monetary value, but today they can fetch a hefty price depending on the condition, style and color.
I'm posting what I thought was a very sweet little table setting that day...

Enjoy, but please overlook the poor quality photos, this was in my pre blogging days and a funny little camera. Never in a million years did I think I'd be posting these pictures on the Internet:)

(please click pics to enlarge)
Lady in yellow the hat is Verna Mary after my maternal grandmother

Lady in the aqua hat is Joan Vivian after my mother

 Below ladies are all named for significant women in my life;
Verna Mary in the yellow, Elizabeth Holland in green, Susan Faith in pink, Joan Vivian in aqua, 
Nancy Jean is in blue hiding behind Joan Vivian with her back to the camera she was bit camera shy.
There is one lady missing, she'll be in another post...stay tuned!

Please click on above pic, its just my favorite for detail like
the rim on stemware, Vaseline lemonade set and book page telling what the day was about.

(above two photos)
my maternal grandmothers antique stemware;
"Rambler Rose" by the Cambridge glass company.
Green 1930's Vaseline glass lemonade set from my husband:)

above, the ladies wearing their finest rose bonnets for the luncheon.

above and below, my chintz plates and my maternal grandmother's silver
"South Sea's" by Community.

above, chintz tea set and plates on the tea and dessert buffet...

Thank you Susan from Between Naps On the Porch for being our gracious hostess for this fun little party!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

When the day was done...

This is the final post from the 60th anniversary party which is bittersweet to me. As I mentioned in my very first post
"A Day to Remember" I took 265 pictures which is amazing considering all that went on during that busy day, but I just wanted to capture every second of every moment and never forget the joy and love that surrounded me that sweet day with our family.
Out of all those photo's I chose the best of the best so that my MIL and FIL could have their beautiful love story told and to share with all of you what it means to celebrate a marriage of 60 years. Through good times and bad, through sickness and health, for better or worse, to have and to hold from this day forward, till death do us part. That, is the true meaning of the word, "marriage".

These two wonderful people, Arnold and Betty have been a shining example to their family of what the commitment of marriage means and their eldest son, Mark, my husband is proof of their lessons in life.

He is my husband, my companion, my biggest supporter, my best friend through life and nineteen years later (twenty-two together) I am still in love with our marriage and this man. For that reason, this last post is for Mark to say thank you for all your support, your help and back breaking effort with my vision of the day for your parents 60th anniversary party.
I am so blessed to have you in my life, I love you...
your best wife...Mrs.La Bella Vie

Mark surprised me with this beautiful corsage the day of the party.
He said it was because of all my effort and hard work I put into this event, and that I deserved something pretty to wear that day too. How sweet is that?!

and this was how my little girl kitty, "Pearl" and I spent the next day...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Day to Remember, The Language of Flowers {part five}

A wedding anniversary wouldn't be complete without flowers and I think I'll let them speak for themselves...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Day to Remember {part four}

Believe it or not I'm almost through most of my favorite pictures, but alas, I found more to post:)
so you remember this handsome couple...

well they ended up on this table...

sitting on top of this cake which was a duplicate of the top tier of the bride and groom's original cake in 1950...and yes I made them feed each other cake again just like they did on their wedding day!
the above cake sat next to this surprise birthday cake since it would soon be Betty's 80th and Arnold'79th birthday (she robbed the cradle:)
I scanned an old photo of each of them when they were about 5 years old and had an edible image put on a sheet cake for the rest of the guests'...
Tomorrow...the flowers...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day to Remember {part three}

OK, OK since you asked...more photos of a wonderful day...

{speakers on please}
a vintage Hydrangea filled watering can

Little three year old Liam.
Not sure if we're playing baseball or Croquet?

Mary, Mark's sister doing the Gunny sack races!

Derek, Cole and Liam doing what little boys do :)

a few of the guests'

Andrea, Mark's daughter. Too bad she wasn't facing the camera, she is so cute!

Mr. La Bella Vie with License to Grill!

The "dining room" out on the cobblestone patio Mark put in a few years ago.
I wish you could come sit here for a while and just listen to the sound of the falling water. There's a large waterfall and pond that Mark built a few years ago just to the right of the white table next to the BBQ.
It is so peaceful while sitting and dining in this beautiful room on this perfectly sunny day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day to Remember {part two}

OK a few more lovely photos from a lovely day...

above, beautiful sisters, Patty (L) and Betty (R)
above (L-R) Neil, Mary,
Betty, Arnold and Mark
above the happy couple
 sisters; Patty and Betty
the wine bar on a 1940 Wilendur cloth; "Peony"  
(too bad vintage tablecloths are cotton
and need constant ironing then wrinkle again if the you look at them wrong!)
above, photo table and wine bar

 the gift table on a 1940 Wilendur tablecloth;
"American Rose".
"In My Garden" applique wall hanging made by Mrs. La Bella Vie:)
party favor cookie bouquet on gift table

For the party favor cookie bouquet,
 I made it from a recycled plastic flower pot, floral foam, silk flowers then placed the cookies in-between.

OK, hope I haven't lost my audience yet,
there's more pics to come...
then I might break out the vacation slides :D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Day to Remember...{part one}

Without further most of you know, my husband Mark and I hosted Betty and Arnold Beaudry's (my in-laws') 60th wedding anniversary, Saturday July 17th at our home. When the celebration was done and the last guest drove away, we looked back at the events of the day and just smiled at what a perfect day it had been. The flowers arrived, the sun came out, the champagne was on ice, my Mother in law looked like a blushing bride all over again and the party turned out exactly as I envisioned it in my minds eye. Mark and I knew without a doubt their anniversary was celebrated  in grand style. We wanted them to know how much it means in a marriage to make it to 60 years and to know how much they are loved by their family...

Now, to tell a story in photos...265 to be exact would bore anyone to tears except perhaps the people that are in them, so I've decided to post several photos a day over the next week. This way first of all, your computers won't crash and burn and second, to keep a bit of interest...I hope!

above is their original cake topper from 1950

above, a poem I made and framed for the cake table

above, 60 years later and still smiling!

above, my $1.00 garage sale table. Sanded and repainted. Cute huh?

above the "outdoor living room" with the furniture Mark and I built.
The vintage colors and feel were in keeping with the years between 1930 and 1950.
My MIL was born in 1930 and married in 1950.
The bench is the Eastlake DIY project
Mark and I built from an old bed.
The chairs, Mark built from a pattern he has.


above buffet area with a lovely spread and my slow cooker!
My husband is so cleaver to get power way out there!

above, antique silver wrapped with the couple's wedding portrait.
My friend Lori and I made these from silver passed down from my grandmother and her great-grandmother. Thank you my "sister-friend" I couldn't have done it without you!
I scanned the original photo of the bride and groom from July 29th, 1950  then printed wallet size photo copies and tied them on with silk ribbon.

I made this bouquet from my vintage watering can.
"She's" looking pretty for the buffet table...