Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Day to Remember...{part one}

Without further most of you know, my husband Mark and I hosted Betty and Arnold Beaudry's (my in-laws') 60th wedding anniversary, Saturday July 17th at our home. When the celebration was done and the last guest drove away, we looked back at the events of the day and just smiled at what a perfect day it had been. The flowers arrived, the sun came out, the champagne was on ice, my Mother in law looked like a blushing bride all over again and the party turned out exactly as I envisioned it in my minds eye. Mark and I knew without a doubt their anniversary was celebrated  in grand style. We wanted them to know how much it means in a marriage to make it to 60 years and to know how much they are loved by their family...

Now, to tell a story in photos...265 to be exact would bore anyone to tears except perhaps the people that are in them, so I've decided to post several photos a day over the next week. This way first of all, your computers won't crash and burn and second, to keep a bit of interest...I hope!

above is their original cake topper from 1950

above, a poem I made and framed for the cake table

above, 60 years later and still smiling!

above, my $1.00 garage sale table. Sanded and repainted. Cute huh?

above the "outdoor living room" with the furniture Mark and I built.
The vintage colors and feel were in keeping with the years between 1930 and 1950.
My MIL was born in 1930 and married in 1950.
The bench is the Eastlake DIY project
Mark and I built from an old bed.
The chairs, Mark built from a pattern he has.


above buffet area with a lovely spread and my slow cooker!
My husband is so cleaver to get power way out there!

above, antique silver wrapped with the couple's wedding portrait.
My friend Lori and I made these from silver passed down from my grandmother and her great-grandmother. Thank you my "sister-friend" I couldn't have done it without you!
I scanned the original photo of the bride and groom from July 29th, 1950  then printed wallet size photo copies and tied them on with silk ribbon.

I made this bouquet from my vintage watering can.
"She's" looking pretty for the buffet table...


  1. Oh my!!! That is stunning! I was thinking of you on Saturday and wondered how it was all going. As I can see, it was perfect! I love the wallet sized photos on the silverware! Brilliant! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Oh Terry, it is more beautiful than I even expected! What a grand garden look outdoor living room!!! The silverware holders were just perfect! I can't wait to see more!

  3. beautiful!! can't wait to see more pictures!! They look so happy!!

    I have left something for you on my blog . you will find it here;


  4. Beautiful!! Absolutely fabulous outdoor room for an absolutely wonderful celebration!

  5. The attention you paid to so many related details depicts the love you put into the entire celebraton. Looking forward to more pictures.

  6. Absolutely splendid!! Will you host my 60th wedding anniversary?

    I loved it all, but the silverware with the wedding portrait attached was my favorite!!

  7. As anticipated everything is lovely, you and Mark know how to do things perfectly. Betty and Arnold should be very pleased.

    I'm so glad the weather was gorgeous, I know you were very concerned a few weeks ago.


  8. These pictures are splendid! The cushion on the bench looks even better than I expected, especially with all the other pillows. What a magical day! I love you sister-friend. See you tonight. Love, Lori

  9. HI Tery: You made this day beautiful!!! Betty and Arnold are so lucky to have you as a daughter in law!!! And of course Mark as their son. I knew it would be beautiful..
    Aunt Marie

  10. What a great way to honor your in-laws. You know how to do things up in style. It all loooks great and glad it all worked out for everyone involved. Not many make it that long anymore.

  11. What a lovely job you did creating such a memorable time for your in laws! I am sure they had a wonderful time thanks to you and your hard work!!

    bee blessed

  12. WOW! Absolutely Beautiful! Aunt Betty and Uncle Arnold look so happy and lovable! You and Mark should be proud of all your work in making this special day a true celebration and eternal memory.

    On a side note, Terry~ Ever thought about becoming a professional party planner? The details of every picture are mind blowing- remarkable!

  13. Terry-

    What a beautiful party and what great new memories you have helped create for all who attended! AND, that Eastlake bed... what a clever idea! I never would have guessed! It looks like the weather cooperated. Your yard looks fantastic!



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