Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh for the love of Aprons!

Well I'm on to another post about aprons. My MIL asked me if I was going to post anything else about the Apron auction we did a couple of Saturday's ago and I told her I didn't think so because my pictures turned out sort of icky. But then I received an email from her sister (Marie) wanting to do the same type of auction and fund raiser so...I thought I'd dig out a couple pictures to post. 
While I was perusing, I came across a link called 
Apron Memories its the most adorable Apron website.

Also here are two darling little books I have, one is called 
Its just the cutest little thing about 2 inches by 3 inches big.
and the other is this sweet book (one of my all time favorites)
 Ok now, here's the apron pictures 
I thought didn't turn out too well...

Now, just for fun stop in on my friend Elizabeth's
 blogspot Toile to see the cutest little apron
she made for an apron swap. Its adorable!


  1. Those pictures are great Terry. Will check out Elizabeth's blog for her apron. Bye love MIL

  2. Those pictures are great Terry. Will check out Elizabeth's blog for her apron. Bye love MIL

  3. I think I gave you that book and also to several others. But you gave me a book "The Kitchen Linens Book" by the same author and it has a bit about aprons but it is such a wonderful book. Bye MIL

  4. These aprons are adorable, Terry! I especially love the embroidered one. And the books are so sweet! Do havea good night's sleep, dear one! Love, Lori

  5. That brings back memories of the 1950's to me!! I have a paisley one that belonged to my mom and I used to feel so grown up when I would wear it in the kitchen as a child!

  6. Hi Terry: Your pictures are great. Our Mother always wore a apron and we use to serve and all the local Wedding when we were young and they always gave us pretty apron to wear and we got to keep them. Now I wish I had some of them.. Betty gave me an apron book I have it on my coffee table.... Aunt Marie AZ

  7. Darling, Terry! Thank you for your beautiful comments and sentiments about my Mom and I. We're hanging in there, and I appreciate your caring more than I can say.

    Warm Hugs,

  8. How adorable!! You can NEVER have too many aprons as far as I am concerned!! Love them!


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