Friday, May 21, 2010

What does RESPECT mean to you? Appropriate for today...

OK so today's blog has no pretty pictures but it is in keeping with my heavy heart today. I ask you the question, what does RESPECT mean to you? Please take the time to reflect on this question...
Here is what it means to me and you must know, its taken me 53 years to understand and believe this  about the most important person I!

Respect means you give it and expect it back. This is how you choose good friends and hold your own to strengthen your character.

Respect is:
•Never lying to family or good friends. Learn to be responsible for your own actions.
•Keeping knowledge in confidence when someone tells you their true feelings or hidden secrets.
•Not purposely hurting someones feelings out of meanness and if you should hurt someones feelings without realizing it have the guts to look them in the face and apologize.
•No matter what your job is always have respect for yourself and do your job well. This also means respecting coworkers no matter how small their job may be.
•Being honest in business.
•Loyalty to yourself and those around you.
•Kindness and compassion.
•Giving back to or helping those in need when you are fortunate enough to keep your own head above water financially.
•Helping those in need by volunteering services.
•Have respect for the world around you and nature in general.
•When you know someone that has done something wrong then don't be afraid to face them and tell them.
•Stand up for the underdogs of this world because sometimes they don't have the power or energy to do so themselves.
• Always do the right thing and never compromise on these values.

A good friend said to me today; "Remember who you are in the world and never let them knock you down" She's right...


  1. My precious friend- This post causes me to wonder what happened today to bring you to write of these all important things. We will talk soon! Sleep well, dear sister-friend! Love you, Lori

  2. This post is SO very true! Respect is missing in so much of todays world. I have taught my sons to give up their seats when in a waiting room or restaurant, something simple you rarely ever see.
    A great post!

  3. "If God is for us, who can be against us"? Stand on His Word...
    Respect is a rare commodity today. Sad, but that is the world we live in.

    I love you Terry.
    Aunt Patty

  4. Great thoughts Terry! I love your bird sounds too!

  5. You are so right and I think it takes a lifetime to learn it. I still struggle with many of them as I am sure we all do. To me everything here can be summed up in the one word that I wish could be associated with me. It is "INTEGRITY". I am a work in progress!!

  6. Love it...Respect to me is something earned...perhaps just being a good, kind, person can get you that....that is at least what I think:) Have a great day. Thanks for stopping over, and I hope to see you again.

  7. Well said. So, obviously something happened that prompted these words. What's going on, bonus daughter?
    Love the birdies too!

  8. Olá amiga;
    O seu texto é muito verdadeiro!!!
    O respeito é necessário e atualmente as pessoas não respeitam mais ninguém!
    Eu fico muito triste com isto também.
    Eu gosto muito das suas visitas em Pecados da Mesa. Muito obrigada!!!

    Maria Paula - BRASIL -

  9. Above translation from my Brazian friend:
    Hello friend;
    This text is very true!
    Respect is needed and now people do not respect anyone else!
    I am very sad about this too.
    I really like and enjoy your visits with "Sins of the Bureau". Thank you!


  10. Olá querida amiga;

    BEIJÃO = big Kiss

    Maria Paula -BRASIL -

  11. I couldn't reply to your comment and I thought I had your email address saved but couldn't find it!!

    The camper is coming along. I am very tired tonight! I have to finish cleaning the kitchen and mop the floor before I am done. Hoping to do all that tomorrow as next week I have to work on the pontoon boat to clean it up.

    I hope you are having a nice weekend!

  12. What a profound post. You really summed it up. It reminds me of the poster that my friend had in her classroom. All you ever need to know you learned in Kindergarten. As a school teacher, I see that respect has lost it's place in society. When I lived in Michigan, I was actually berated on more than one occasion for saying "yes ma'am". Parents don't respect the ability of a teacher, so therefore children have no respect for teachers. We are raising a group of disrespectful kids who accept no responsibility. My husband is one of the most respectful people I know. That is why I married him. I love that about him and hope that we can raise Jemma to be that way.

    Very thoughtful post. I hope that whatever is heavy on your heart is lifted soon!

  13. I think you nailed it. I think respect is something greatly lacking in today's society...and with more respect the world would be such a different place.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you try the lemon cake! I LOVE your blog background and sound effects. I feel like I'm birdwatching in a French garden. Beautiful.

  14. Good Morning Terry.... Some how respect is a lost virtue. The society we now live in has gotten so disrespectful and it is not only the young people. We live in a Senior Park and we see it everyday. We all need to try to change this!! I'm with you all the way. Take care and keep your head held high and kill them with kindness....... Aunt Marie Az

  15. That is so sweet Marie. from your sister in OR

  16. Very good post! I hope everything is Okay.
    I'm still finding my way around on your blog here...pop! into another page....Love the music player...Tammy

  17. Respect. Awe~ something my husband and I are trying to demonstrate by example and teach our 4 kids! Most days they "get it", occationally they don't. On the days when they "don't get it", it's an opportunity to learn another life lesson~ repentance & forgiveness.

    Thanks for this great post, Terry.
    ...Teri in TX


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