Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rejuvenation Field trip

Hello everybody,

Yes its been a while since I've posted but things have been a bit crazy around here and I still do not have a functioning kitchen and we're still "camping" from the living and dining room! Much to my dismay, our kitchen isn't done yet, but almost...I think...
Little did we know that when deciding on tile for the back splash from Pratt and Larson it would take six weeks to be ordered, made and delivered but it did. Happily as of Friday the tile came in and is our hot little hands ready for install next week. 
In the meantime, my BFF and I took a little field trip to Rejuvenation lighting shop in beautiful downtown Portland for the lighting above the island that the hubs custom built

(click any picture to enlarge)

This place is amazing for any kind of lighting you can imagine! Really anything you can picture you can custom build to your exact specifications. Any finish, any fitter size, any shade or shape, any color, any length at any price, they can do it.

The place is just a treasure trove of ideas and styles, from period traditional, to Mid-century modern and anything in between. Whatever your style, they either have it or can make it for you. Whatever you can imagine or dream, they can do it. The down side...yep there's a down side...the most challenging thing is deciding on just exactly WHAT you want and let me tell you first hand that is THE most difficult part! 
I went in with an idea in mind and by the time we walked out, I had a fourteen-eleven gazillion other ideas in my head! I was ready to remodel another room just to do lighting...OK well not really but its so easy to get carried away!

They also sell antiques and furniture including period pieces and glassware as well as reproductions pieces, but all beautifully made as you can see on the vintage picnic table above and below. Oh and by the way, that picnic table is authentic and is for sale...$5,000.00...a drop in the bucket :O)
These beautiful bottle trees below are adorable but I think I'd need to have those big windows to park them in front of...oh and that Galvanized island to set them on...

The show room is wonderful and very historic. Here's an excerpt from the company website; 
"The Southeast Portland retail store occupies 38,000 sq. feet on the first and second floors of the historic Neustadter Building, which the company renovated in 1992. Located at SE Grand and Taylor near downtown, the store is unlike any other in the nation, combining our period-authentic reproduction lighting with period furniture, hardware, plumbing, decorative accessories, mill work, and architectural salvage"

This beautiful light below is one I have in my nook and the finish I chose is "Oil Rubbed Bronze" with a scalloped shade whereas the one just below it is pretty much the same light only in a different finish; "Bronze with a very expensive hand-blown shade on it.

Its a beautiful light but wasn't quite right for our application...yea that's it..."wasn't quite right for our application"...translation; it was too expensive for this little area and my pocket book!

Loved this view toward downtown Portland from the second floor which was being remodeled when I was there. Those windows are huge and have that wonderful rippled/rolled glass in them. I actually thought this space would be so wonderful as a loft to have for the weekend city getaways...OK so I'm day dreaming again but it was the only thing free that day!

There were beautiful leaded glass windows for sale...

and amazing mirrors and of course, more lighting but at the end of the day, I walked away with only two light fixtures and two shades for above the island and that my friends will be a post for another day! 

In the meantime happy to have had this time for our little field trip and so glad you could come along for the ride!