Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to do a display cabinet with pink!

Well here we are, another Saturday...the best day of the week! You know, have you ever thought about this, there are only a limited number of Saturday's in one's lifetime which must mean they are meant for ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO, right?

This Saturday the hubs is doing what he loves best: Cycle Oregon!
and today I'm doing what I love doing best...organizing and decorating, but not necessarily in that order! I thought I'd show you the wine and beverage bar from our DIY kitchen project that you'll find HERE. 
But today I'm changing it up a bit and we're going pink! Yep in THIS room I actually do have a touch of pink, something I don't have a lot of throughout the rest of the house . 

Years ago I was in a Depression glass phase and collected many different patterns of "Elegant Glassware" most of it pink and clear along with aqua German Majolica in a pattern called "Lily of the Valley" pictured below. 

However when we did the kitchen remodel I was afraid pink and aqua just wouldn't work in here anymore, perhaps because of the very neutral color palette of white, grey/green, taupe and oil rubbed bronze. Also I didn't really want a lot of color in here to take away from the classic vintage look I was going for. I wanted it to look very monochromatic as you can see in the picture below which was taken just as we were finishing the remodel.

But as I started unpacking after living out of the dining room and laundry room I knew I'd have a hard time not displaying my beloved pieces so I got wild a crazy and tried them in the new beverage bar and this is how it looks today...

It seems pink and aqua work pretty well here. I like how the subtle colors really do enhance the display cabinet and bring in just a pop of color where it might otherwise be a bit bland and stark looking.

Something I was a little worried about was that I didn't have another piece of my German Majolica to balance out the left side of the cabinet and thought it might look odd. However I tried my Crystolite "celery dish" and loved how it looked, eclectic, balanced and not matchy-matchy. 

So there you have it, a fun way to decorate with the color pink 

while still keeping it sophisticated, classic and timeless...

 Remember what I said in the beginning of this post? There are only a limited number of Saturday's in one's lifetime and they are for 
So what's on tap for your Saturday...the best day of the week?

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Labor of Love for Labor Day...

Well for those of you that have patiently waited and watched through this and this wait no longer...we have arrived so come on in...

Oh and by the way, fair warning...this may be a bit picture heavy but you'll just have to suffer through it so pour yourself a glass of champagne and come sit a spell :O) Also I think I may have to post in phases because in the end there's a lot to see in this sweet little kitchen...well maybe not, I'm so excited to show you this it may just be one big long post :O)
First of all I'll get the text out of the way and let's just say this was a labor of love and as always it took a lot longer than we ever thought it would. But during the remodel we lived out of here for almost the entire time because of the kind of stuff going on you see in the picture below! 
This picture was taken during month six when the painting was happening and let me tell you, it was AWFUL...DID I SAY AWFUL? WELL I MEAN IT, IT WAS THE WORST PART OF THE ENTIRE PROCESS...stinky and messy all at the same time for 3 long weeks!

One of the main reasons the remodel took so long was because Mr.La Bella Vie did 99% of the labor...and yes he does work-full time folks at a "real job" but like my grand kids always say, he's "IRON MAN PAPA" and seems to be able to juggle things really well! 
He can build an island, rip out walls, climb mountains on 100 mile epic bicycle rides and yet still be willing to do a major kitchen remodel! So enough said, let's get on with the show!

But before we do, one more peek of what our 20 year old kitchen looked like prior to...7 months ago...
And what a beautiful new kitchen it is today taken from pretty much the same exact spot. 
Notice where the wasted, unusable space is under the counter on the island, well we changed that up by making it a bookshelf with lights to house all my prized collectible cookbooks and enclosed the end with the glassware, which you can see in the photo below. This not only allowed us to gain storage but by moving the bar stools to that end, we're able to open the refrigerator without knocking guests' off their chairs! 

(Click any picture to enlarge and toggle through for a better view)


Below is the view you see when you first enter the kitchen from the front door. Out the back window of the nook we have a great view Oregon's state tree, the Douglas Fir...

So keeping that in mind...

We chose a beautiful hand-made scenic tile coupled with ivory Subway tile from Pratt and Larsen for behind the Wolf cook range that would reflect our surroundings. It may be difficult to see the color of this tile but its sort of a Taupe/grey...

Below is another view from the other side of the kitchen. The first shot, again that ugly 20 year old kitchen. Oh and may I point out the "terrible awful" behind the stove...the only reason all the junk is sitting behind it was because it was sheet-rock and grease splatters wreaked havoc on it! 
Also, note the oven/microwave area in the left of the picture. That big hole was where the Ginormous old microwave used to live but died many years ago, so the Hubs enclosed it to better accommodate the new, smaller SS microwave that you see in the picture below.

and today...

The picture above and below is looking from the family room toward the kitchen. The hubs and I designed all that you see here and sketched it up on Visio a design program, the hood, the cabinets...everything. 
Which also includes the pendant light platform above the island. It used to be that when we turned on the over-head lights ALL 9 can lights came on which was like being in a suntan bed!

So we had to come up with a way to have only the island lights come on with a separate switch without having to rip out the entire ceiling and this was our solution...rewire but cover it up!
To the left of the fridge is the new beverage bar which used to look like this...kinda blurry but I was in a hurry to start ripping out walls!

and below once again the way it was meant to look all along...

The new beverage bar is a great place for favorite Chardonnay!

So just as the title said, this truly has been a labor of love!
I hope you've enjoyed it and I'd love to hear what you think! 
Oh and there's lots more where this came from but that's for another day!

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Cabinet paint color: "Vintage Ivory Cream" commercial source
Island paint color: "Galvanized" by Ralph Lauren
Cabinets and doors: Beaudry Custom Cabinetry, Newberg Oregon
Custom Tile: Pratt and Larson, Portland Oregon
Granite: "Portofino", Precision Granite Counters, Wilsonville Oregon
Hardware: Rejuvenation, Portland Oregon
Lighting:  Rejuvenation, Portland Oregon
SS Appliances: Basco Commercial Appliances, Portland Oregon 
Wolf Cook Range, Fisher-Paykel, Liebherr, Electrolux Icon, 

Kitchen designers and Labor: Mr. and Mrs. La Bella Vie
Sweat Equity: Mr. and Mrs. La Bella Vie
Staging and clean up crew: Mrs. La Bella Vie
assistants to Mr. and Mrs. La Bella Vie, Pearl and Emmy

Disclaimer: I purchased Visual Watermark but the site didn't recognized it right away so some photos may have a little teeny-tiny annoying little watermark of their own on it...just disregard it, because its useless information but I told you anyway...