Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Day Off {part one}

Today Mark and I took the day off from work, a rare gift for both of us together. We checked out (click here) The CatNap Inn in Wilsonville, Oregon. This little kitty B&B is where our girls (Emmie and Pearl) will have a relaxing, safe stay while their mom and dad (us) vacation on the Oregon Coast. Though we've had many kind offers for babysitting our girls, we felt it was a huge responsibility for friends and family and yet knew we needed peace of mind while we're trying to relax ourselves.
So this lovely and ideal place came our way by happenstance. We loved the owner, Sidney Adams and her Executive assistant, Kenya and know our girls will too.


  1. A wonderful solution to your problem, the girls will have a grand time and won't even miss you (maybe).

  2. Awww.... how wonderful to be able to know they will be well taken care of while you are away....


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