Friday, May 14, 2010

Chasing Shadows

OK so here it is, the next photography challenge from Michelle Elisabeth's lovely blog Thymely Thoughts. Her challenge this time is "shadows and silhouettes" which was somewhat difficult to get this past couple of weeks considering we haven't had a lot of days with sunshine in Portland, although today is absolutely beautiful out, sunshine every where! I am still using my itsy bitsy little digital camera nothing professional, but nonetheless, here they are...

Here's the excerpt from Michelle's blog HERE explaining the challenge:
"For this photography challenge, I'd like you to seek out shadows and silhouettes in your environment. Feel free to create them. Objects positioned objects in front of different light sources can create stunning effects, or try colored transparent items. Or, even go au naturale and find shadows that nature has created for you. Either way, I cannot wait to see what you capture!"

Shadows in the bath

Imprint or shadow,you decide, can you tell me?

Shadowed salvage

Tuesday afternoon

OK so not award winning but fun nonetheless.


  1. I like your shadows...
    good weekend!

  2. My favorite is the bath, very interesting. You definitely have an eye for this.

  3. They are wonderful; I especially love the park photograph as the trees are hinted to in shadow.

    ps. thanks for the note, I'm so happy you liked the postcard!

  4. How awesome these are! And isn't that your yard and driveway-just gorgeous! Love you sister-friend, Lori

  5. Gorgeous!!! You photos are wonderful:).



  6. I love it!! We have had rain for a week straight so not too many shadows around except our dog named Shadow!!!! Very cool pictures!

  7. Your lovely photo is up! Thanks for submitting :)


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