Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday, A Day Off {part two}

After visiting Here Mark and I decided to go hang out at our favorite architectural salvage company Here in Aurora, Oregon. If the truth be known, I could spend hours in there digging through the treasure trove of found and salvaged objects. I never, ever get tired of the discovery of vintage pieces from a bygone era. It doesn't matter that I have to squeeze in and out of tight spaces or scoot around one thing to get to another, I am in heaven amidst the history in the dust. I feel as if every piece has a story waiting to be told, and if you stop long enough to listen, you'll hear it too. Here's just a bit of the day and the wonderful vintage pieces I came across.


Yes there are a lot of pictures, but believe me,
you have no idea how difficult it was
to pick just one and be happy with it!
Oh and I can't wait to go back ;-)


  1. Girlfriend, I knew you'd be the first to want to go there:) I can't wait to go again...matter of fact, what are you doing right now:)

  2. I never thought I'd hear the day when Terry said she enjoyed dust :)

    Sounds like a WONDERFUL day - thanks for letting us live vicariously through you!


  3. Oh my goodness, what a treasures! I see why you enjoy being there, the place is out of this world!


  4. Even if its all you do in that darling little town, its worth it.

    Barb, would love for you come visit Oregon anytime...I'd "force" myself to take you to Aurora Mills:)

  5. what an incredible place! I would love to visit it sometime! I wish there was something like this around here.

  6. andie, honestly, I have said this to so people, if you are ever here in Portland, Oregon, this is the place to go and spend a day. And I truly have extended the invite to lots of followers:0)
    Thank you for coming in to chat on my blog.
    Keep coming back, I love to chat:)

  7. Oh yes I knew it the minute I saw the first picture. It's been a while since we've been there so guess it's time to go back. Maybe while Patty is here we can squeeze that in too. Love MIL

  8. HI Terry... This brings back a lot of menories and looks like a fun place to go!
    Marie AZ


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