Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A year from now...

This might all be funny when I look back at all the work that has gone into this DIY project but right now, I'm just sighing a lot!

For those of you that have been following along with this "little face lift", you know that at different times this space has been a mess! OK so I'm not complaining because the Hubs has worked tirelessly to bring our vision to life and believe it or not, its getting there as you can see in the pic below. 

...compared to this picture below with no sheet rock and ugly, fuzzy insulation hanging around exposed pipes, beat-up old stained oak and ugly tile counter tops! Need I say more about how I really felt about that old kitchen?

However, at times it feels like its just dragging on but at least now we have a wonderful new single bowl under mount sink and running water! 
I surprised myself with this one because I had my heart set on a Farm style sink but it wouldn't work with the cupboard configuration. Then I thought I'd go with a double bowl sink in white because that's all I've ever known. 

But when I saw this single bowl by Blanco in "Cafe brown" it really made my heart sing and made sense to not have two separate little sinks. I mean think about it, Thanksgiving turkey pan, big bowls, you name it, it'll fit in this bad boy! Heck I could even give a baby a bath in this sink...well that's if I had a baby to bathe and I don't so I won't...anyway, I digress, back to the story ;0)

The sink works especially well for washing cookie sheets...not that I've been making any cookies lately with a torn up kitchen. However, the one thing still hooked up at this stage and in working order is the old oven. So I'm still able to roast vegetables and bake casseroles which I do use my cookie sheets for...

Oh yes and I have a beautiful new Grohe Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet, a separate hand-held sprayer and (insert the hallelujah chorus here) a flush mount soap dispenser! Yes you read that right...I am so stinking excited about that little messy soap bottle sitting on my counter and no ugly bottle with a ticky-tacky paper label on it to detract from my counters!

called "Brazillian Ouro" and based on the information we received on it, its sort of old...500-550 million years old to be exact. 
Yes I said "million years"...that's what the paper say's about it and that it was quarried in Brasilia

and that's all I'm going to show you for now since I want to save the pretty stuff for when everything is done or maybe inbetween...whenever that may be...there I go again sighing...