Saturday, May 15, 2010

Table 25

So as you all know on May 11th Mark and I were married 19 years which have flown by in a heartbeat. Now if only we still looked like those pictures and if only I still fit in that tight little dress! Well moving right that dress is a "smidgen on the snug side" OK let's just say if I did try to wear it again, I'd suffocate!

Now the blissful anniversary celebration...seated at "table 25" at Andina in the heart of the Pearl, Portland, our favorite romantic, Peruvian restaurant. One of the owners ("Mama Doris") is always there to stop by and share a story or bit of wisdom with guests' in fact we anticipate her coming by, she is lovely. This evening she did not disappoint, she came by our table and said we were seated at "table 25, a magical table". She said so many couples have shared wonderful celebrations at this table so that means we'll have many more years of wedded sweet is that? 
If I could eat here every night, I'd be a happy girl but if I did, there is no way on God's green earth I could even begin to stuff myself in that dress even in my dreams!
So here's our lovely evening (not that you care, after all its only a silly blog post) but it was so wonderful I had to share. So roll with it and pretend you are there...even if you think you don't like Peruvian food...
ambiance from outside, in...

A lovely Chilean red to start with...
swirl, breathe, taste...perfect...
the groom's first course:
fresh asparagus brushed with olive oil and grilled
his amazing entree;
seared yellowfin tuna sprinkled with black pepper and orange zest, served with lentil “tacu-tacu”, orange-endive salsa criolla, and a cape gooseberry-ají Amarillo sauce
my starter...
fresh greens topped with hearts of palm and seasonal vegetables
my entree...
quinoa-crusted diver scallops perched on top of wilted spinach and potato-parsnip purée, with golden beet and crabmeat "cannelloni”, and a duet of red beet and passionfruit reductions
a shared dessert..
a tiered semi-freddo of velvety lucuma and espresso mousses, chocolate ganache,
and crushed cocoa nib meringue, served with espresso shortbread

Three hours later, our evening at magical table 25 came to an end,
but with lovely sweet memories of a perfect anniversary celebration stop Machu Picchu, Peru


  1. How awesome that dinner looks! I have to laugh at what others around you were thinking when you were taking pictures of your food!!! I felt like I was there enjoying the wine and food as well. Now I have to go get some lunch!!

    Thanks Terry for your post at my blog! I so enjoy reading your blog and wish the same that we lived closer!! I can't believe that there are so many people out there with the same interests as me!! I so wish I had someone to do the things I enjoy. I end up going alone a lot because most of my friends and family aren't into this part of my interests!! So blogging is good for me to fill the gap!!

  2. Bonnie I couldn't agree with you more, I was thinking the same thing except the wait-staff said people are always taking pictures of the food so I didn't feel so bad after that, plus after the wine it didn't matter:)
    Boy, could we get in trouble if we lived closer together:)

  3. So, what is in store for your 20th? This dinner may be hard to beat. Lovely presentation.

  4. Cool, Aa and Claudia have considered going there as well.

  5. Oh we love that if Aa and Claudia went too!

  6. This is a beautiful post! It really brings us right to your table- how special. And, oh, this piano music is absolutely delightful- really you and Mark. Love you sister-friend, Lori

  7. Is this really what you would call food? Or is it really edible art? I am stalking your blog at the moment and really enjoying it. I think you may be my new BFF. From the cookie bouquet to the silver wrapped with a wedding portrait to your age 17 poem and your blog on respect I have fallen smitten with you. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and for following it. I am your new follower as well and can't wait for more of your posts. Oh, I also have a head vase that belonged to my grandma but it doesn't look as elegant as yours. I never thought of it as a vase. I keep pens in it. I will soon put some flowers in it though and send you a picture if I can figure out how without a camera. PS. can you come organize my house?


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