Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elegant Heisey Crystolite

For many years I've collected Heisey Crystolite depression glass because it was fairly inexpensive and an easy to find for a novice collector of Elegant glassware . It was manufactured in Ohio at the Heisey glass factory between the years of 1930-1957. I am fortunate enough to have about forty pieces of Crystolite and still seem to find pieces to add to my growing collection whenever I'm in an antique shop or an estate sale or online.

 This particular glassware is called "Elegant Glassware" according to this book by Gene Florence.

Here are a couple vintage ads I purchased while antiquing one day. These 1940-1952 ads really seem to depict the innocence of the era which I love. I had already started collecting Crystolite when I came across these and now have them framed and sitting in with my collection.
{click pics to enlarge}

During WWII, the Heisey company shuttered their plant like so many others, during a period of materials scarcity. They came back online after the war, and as this 1952 ad suggests, continued to pursue and build upon their reputation for excellent quality. But, it was hard to compete with mass production, and the company closed down after Christmas 1957.

Below are just a few pieces I have in my collection

creamer, sugar and tray

oval mayonnaise and liner

 scalloped Gardenia bowl and buffet liner


 punch bowl and buffet or punch liner

punch bowl set and cups


deep oval floral bowl

The excerpt below from Gene Florence's book about this Swan Neck pitcher never fails to thrill me because this lovely swan just happens to live in my collection!

"I am most often asked about the swan handled pitcher in this pattern which is extremely rare. You will never mistake it should you get the opportunity to see one!" ~ Gene Florence

Torte tray and a fruit bowl 

a cigarette box

and the Heisey Diamond logo

I hope you've enjoyed my sparkly little collection of Elegant glassware and
thank you Debra at "Common Ground" for so graciously hosting another 
Vintage Inspired Friday, one of my favorite topics.

Just click on the VIF link in my side bar to get a glimpse of all the wonderful vintage inspired collections out there!


  1. Your collection is beautiful. I love glass and while I am not familiar with this pattern I am now a big fan. That swan pitcher is stunning!

  2. So beautiful! Glass waned in popularity for the past few years in my area, but now seems to be surging back! One of the few things! Ha! Thanks so much for coming by! Jacqueline

  3. Oh, what pretty glassware. I love the punch bowl elegant. Have a great VTT!

  4. It's gorgeous!! I think my Mom has a piece or two of this in green.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS... I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!!! I had 4 heisey dishes that were supposed to be PART of my post... AND I JUST couldn't get them to photograph right SO I put them away FOR NOW... My Grandmothers American Limoges dishes were made in Sebring Ohio, SO I thought putting the Heisey dishes with them would have been "WONDERFUL"... BUT the dishes were being stubborn so I put them aside..."WHAT are the chances You would be show your Heisey this week?????? I jumped down here to comment, NOW I have to go back and read EVERY WORD!!!

  6. Don't let the kitties get to these beauties.
    Lovely post Terry.

  7. How very pretty! I agree with you about that era. It was different times back then. I am learning so much about vintage items from you!!! I never knew what these pieces were called!

    Hope you are having a good week, Terry! I have been pretty busy. Had van repairs, then a massage and chiropractic appointment yesterday!!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful glassware! Love heaviness of it!

    Thanks for including the vintage ads!

  9. Your collection is beautiful. I have a friend that collects all kinds of heisey, belongs to a heisey club and goes to the heisey convention in Ohio? every year. I will have to get him to see your collection. ~~Sherry~~

  10. It is stunning. Thanks for the information about it. Your images are lovely with the light captured in them. Very well done. Thanks bunches for visiting me: )


  11. It is stunning. Thanks for the information about it. Your images are lovely with the light captured in them. Very well done. Thanks bunches for visiting me: )


  12. It is stunning. Thanks for the information about it. Your images are lovely with the light captured in them. Very well done. Thanks bunches for visiting me: )


  13. What pretty glassware and what a fun thing to collect. It surely is shiny! Very graceful, too. I'll be sure to notice it now next time we're out thrifting/antiquing.

  14. I love the swan handle pitcher. I think I like the ads even better than the actual glass pieces.

  15. That is a gorgeous collection!!! And I love what you said about the ads "depict the innocence of the era" ~ a time when it was a real treasure and honour to own something that was hand crafted and not mass produced. In my humble opinion anything that is massed produced and can easily be owned by anyone ~ is no longer a treasure to aspire to own..HHL

  16. WOW what beautiful glassware! You have an incredible collection.


  17. What a gorgeous collection you have! I'd never heard of Heisey Crystolite before, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    Happy VTT,

  18. Absolutely beautiful!! You must set a stunning table!! Thank you for the info as well!

  19. 40 pieces wow, but the punch bowl is my favorite, it's all quite elegant

  20. You have a lovely collection. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I am so happy to meet you and I'm glad you shared your post. The glassware is adorable and the vintage ads are the icing on the cake. I live in central Texas where I'm near so many vintage and antique shops. I spent most every Saturday going to local shops with my Aunt Connie. Her motto is, "You never know what you're going to find".

    Yoli :)

  22. You have a beautiful collection!

    They will match everything and will never go out of style!

    I'm your newest follower!

    1. While cleaning out my in-law's house (built in 1900) in New Mexico, I came across a pretty good collection of Crystolite. I have bought a couple of pieces to add to it. I recently bought a 12 1/2 inch "tray" which had not been taken care of - dirty with some scratches. It cleaned up pretty well, but I'm wondering if it is the base to the punch bowl? It has no center "circle" - the rays come straight from the center to the rim. I haven't seen one like it anywhere I've looked. I also have two of the "horn of plenty" type vases. Your picture of the original brochure showed the candlesticks with the vase in the center. I have two, without the vase. Never knew what that center was for - I just put a candle in it!

      Thanks for sharing your collection.

  23. I do not know where you put all this pretty glassware. You have a great assortment and one you should keep. These are very nice pieces.

  24. I am in love with this glassware. I have Heisey crystal stemware in the Minuet pattern. I can't get over how beautiful all your pieces are. I received some glassware when we got married and thought, "What am I supposed to do with this!" Now I can't get enough of it! Funny how we change. Wonderful post!

  25. Pretty dishes! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about my tablescape and story. Loved having you stop by! Sandi

  26. Gorgeous collection and that swan vase is so interesting and beautiful! TFS.

  27. If memory serves me correctly, I believe my grandmother may have had some pieces. I'll check with my cousin in Washington, she ended up with a lot of her stuff, gold flatware, etc. NVSue

  28. What was I thinking? Duh! I'm also your newest follower! Sandi

  29. First, I just love your photography! Second, your MIL, my Aunt, keeps emailing me asking me if I've seen your latest blog, and I am so glad she does! I discovered a love of antiques after MY MIL passed away, she and my FIL kept everything! I don't have the time (or room) to indulge in collecting yet, but I am forever grateful to have inherited the pieces she DID have and someday I'll find out more about them. Loved your post! Snooks

  30. Thanks Snooks, makes me so happy to see your name in Terry's blog. You are a smart gal to listen to me :)
    Love Aunt B

  31. What a beautiful collection!! I am enjoying your blog so much. Somehow your Mom-in-law came across my blog through 'thewalkeramble' blog whch she found on your blog???? I couldn't figure it out and still can't. Maybe you know. I thought you perhaps had one of these visitor info on your side bar, but do not see one..Oh well this cyber space stuff blows my mind!!

    I am happy to have found your blog. It reminds me of my Mom who loved all things antique, roses and beautifully set tables for her many luncheons!

    I loved reading about your party for the in-laws! What a truly special party that must have been!

    I am no longer blogging, but my blog remains open as it contains lots of family history, and a few people that people google--I still get quite a few hits per day, but seldom a comment anymore. I have an open blog for card-making, buts its pretty dull unless one is a card-maker!!

    I shall look forward to your new posts.

  32. Snooks what a surprise to see you again, that's cute.
    Aunt B.......:)

  33. I love Heisey glass, particularly Crystolite. It sparkles like no other glass I've ever seen. I can usually spot it in shops, malls, etc. from 20 or 30 feet away.

    Your collection is fantastic, and you photographed it beautifully! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Hope your weekend goes well.

  34. Hello, Sister. Your collection is enviable! I love that you bought vintage ads to display with your collection. I keep meaning to do that, but haven't plunged into ad collecting then (I know if I start, I'll one one by every china manufacturer and elegant glass company!).

    Have a great week!
    Li'l Brother

  35. Hello Heisey Lover,
    I would like to invite you to a meeting of NW Heisey Collectors, a study club of Heisey Collectors of America. I think it would be very interesting to you and might correct some of your information. If you are interested go to and look for study clubs. I will be listed at the contact for our group. We have a great time at our meetings and would love a new member.

  36. I had a Heisey punch set. I gave it to my nephew, an officer in the Air Force. During shipping, the 20" plate was broken. You have a set just like it. Would you happen to know where I could purchase a replacement?

  37. Sorry, didn't provide any contact information.
    Please respond to

  38. Not only is your collection beautiful, you have a knack for photographing them to make their beauty shine! I love that you have the ads to share as well.
    Even I got chills reading about the swan neck pitcher. I can imagine how thrilled you are.

    I am also loving reading the comments on this post.


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