Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Running B...

The Beaudry home, the Running B named because Arnold runs.
At 78 years old, he's still running.
He runs to the shop, he runs to the barn, he runs up the hill, he runs down the hill, he runs through the field, then runs after the goats, Thelma and Louise.
If there's a place to run on the Running B, he does...
What he really loves to the Running B Ranch.

thanks for stopping by,
but I've got to run now...


  1. Dearest Terry, I'm going to try this comment again and see if it still affects our dilapidated computer. Anyway, I love these pics, especially the winding road and the fire hydrant with daffodils! Will talk soon- Love you, Lori

  2. Oh my !! This Runnung B has been home for 47 yr. And worked as a farm among things, like growing Christmas trees, raising sheep,and beef. Our three children were raised here, Mark, Neil & Mary (K), now just Mary. And they learned to run too. The almost 80 acres were explored by the kids for fun, and when we had cows the kids would find the calves that the mother cow hid. Also we needed to watch the lambs and keep them away from the coyotes It was not all work, the creek provided fun like catching crawdads and swimming in the heat of the summers. So thanks for a short visit to our Running B Ranch. The Beaudry's Arnold & Betty

  3. Dearest MIL and FIL, these simple photos don't even begin to do justice to the place your family has called home for all these years and still does to this very day. Thank you for all you do and for the joy you and this place bring to all of us.
    With love,
    The other Beaudry's

  4. Woo worked went through!
    Love you sister friend!

  5. Hi Again: This ranch is so beautiful and now with all the flowers in bloom. I have only been there 4 times and love it everytime as I was the farm girl of the family and here I'm living in a big city now but would rather be on the Farm with the animals. Keep up the good blog Terry. Betty's sister Marie

  6. Oh marie,
    I am so glad you stopped in again, I love it when guests' come for a visit. (I did find your last post after Betty mentioned it).
    I'm so new at this I'm still in a learning curve so keep tabs and check back often for more fun. This weekend I install my new scanner so I'll be posting recipes etc. Plus I'll be posting links to my favorite quilting sites (oh so fun!)
    Thanks for checking back! Terry


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