Friday, April 16, 2010

Its a Girl Thing...

A rare day off from work, so what's a girl to do?  
First J.Meyer Salon in West Linn
then a walk through beautiful historic Willamette...
the town I'm moving to:)

then to one of my favorite quilt shops...

but "nutrition" is needed at Lake Oswego ice creamery
 before my next stop...

which is my "Girls Night Out" class at
The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego

then home with thoughts
of an absolutely lovely girl day that I never wanted to end.


  1. Missed you the last couple days. Love MIL

  2. Yes I missed my little blog:) Its keeps me grounded.
    Work has been like a blinding snow storm that I couldn't see my way out of this past week. I was also getting home really late at night so didn't have time to download pics & posts'. Hopefully I have enough back-log of goodies to share if that happens again.

  3. Thank God for digital cameras or you'd NEVER be able to retire :) If this was still the film era, you'd never be able to quit your lovely job!

    It's fun to see your "yesterday" through your camera's eye - thanks for sharing!


  4. Wow, Joan! I am so glad you came by! And yes thankfully this is the digital era as opposed to film which I did many years ago. This is way more fun and a lot more creative although the learning curve is huge.
    Now for my new scanner...what to do with that now:) I suppose I have to read that pesky instruction book!

  5. Terry,

    I've actually given up using my scanner since I got the digital camera. If there's something I want to scan (as in, onto fabric), I just take a digital picture. Comes out better than when I laid it on the flatbed scanner and did it that way.


  6. I've been doing most scanning that way; taking a photo of the image then down-loading but I have recipes in documents that don't come out very well when photgraphed so I thought a scanner would be better for posting.

  7. Good point - you do need a scanner. You need lots of things that I could borrow: a beach cabin, a condo in Hawaii, a cabin in Sisters....

  8. Hi sweety, Looks like you had a glorious day- I'm so glad! Hey, What do you mean "the town I'm moving to"? Is that from Thinking about it in the past or something recent? We had a long day as it was Charles' memorial service today. Will talk soon. Love you, sister-friend-Lori

  9. Hey Sweetie,
    I am so glad you came by for a visit, I knew today was the memorial for Charles, so I'm sure you're done for the day.
    "The town I'm moving to" as in *want* to!
    Love you, sister friend!
    We'll talk soon...stay tuned for more...

  10. Hi Terry,
    This is absolutely beautiful. It's like I got to have a girls day with you. Next time you have one... call me! I'd love to join you.

  11. Oh Pegs! hey girlfriend! I am so glad you stopped by my little blog!
    I would love for you join me on my next outing. I had such a great day. The only thing missing was you in class that night:) I giggled a little less;)


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