Friday, April 9, 2010

Toile and The Cozy Inn...

Ok, so typically I don't show my "unmentionables" on public websites but these are so worth "mentioning" plus they are not on me and they're just so stinkin cute, so I think we're OK:)
I love cozying into my jammies every night especially if they're my red and white cotton Toile jammies (from Sue at Christmas) I was prattling on about that very thing to my friend Lori yesterday (yes, we talk about anything:) and she asked me to post pictures of them (after all what girl doesn't love her favorite pair of jammies and Toile) so here they are...


  1. Terry, How Adorable are those jammies! If I thought they were still in stock I would be trotting myself right over to the store you mentioned to pick out a pair. Thanks for sharing Honey! Love and hugs Lori

  2. I LOVE these jammies! I, too, have a set (black and white paisley) that I love to wind down in after a hard day - or any day for that matter. Every woman should have beloved pj's. Yours are exceptionally pretty. Hjordis

  3. Oh I just love Paisley too! I just bought a fat quarter (no that's not a body part) of a great Paisly print on my Girlie day Friday.


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