Saturday, April 24, 2010

A patient little patient...

Even though HIPPA guidelines prohibit me from discussing or talking about a patient in any way, there are those times it is OK to bend the rules a little and this is one of those times...
I don't have just a "job" per se and sometimes it can actually be fun considering the fact its what I do for a living: working in a very busy Ophthalmology practice. There are days the "train wreck" happens the moment I walk in the door. 
Most of the time I work with some very difficult medical ocular emergencies on a daily basis (nail-gun injury or champagne cork to an eye is considered an emergency in case you're wondering).
Then there are those days the sweetest little patients come through my door and into my practice.

Yesterday was one of those days...
Meet little Gus...
he is an adorable 10 week old English Bulldog that stole my heart!

It just goes to show you, there is a little sweetness in everyday, you just have to look for it and see it!


  1. Terry, What an adorable little guy he is! I knew you must be having quite a week when I didn't see a post for awhile. Glad to see you back! Love you Sister-friend, Lori

  2. Hey Lori Honey,
    yes back at least through the weekend!
    Hugs Sweetie!
    PS give me a buzz when you can...

  3. Gus is so cute! I like your new banner up there by the way.

  4. Oh Elizabeth, this means so much coming from you, "The Queen of the Blogeshpere"! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even be doing this at all.
    I have been so hesitant on changing anything for fear of losing everything that I just kept it like it was which was "safe".
    I cannot tell you what it means to me to "have your approval" so to speak, I so admire you dear friend!

  5. Hi, it's me again and I am wondering where Gus lives.
    Love MIL

  6. Gus lives with his mom, Amber. She is our PR rep and she just adopted little Gus and brought him in to meet us.
    So glad you came by for a visit. How do you like my new page layout?

  7. Hi Terry...I'm a bit behind on checking your blog, but want you to know that I enjoy keeping up with your goings on. I love the pictures, stories and oh that Little puppy...soooo cute!!
    Love Ya,
    Aunt Patty

  8. Aunt Patty! I am so glad you popped in:)
    I love doing my little blog along with my photography, it gives me another creative I needed more but it so much fun I can't stop now.
    Keep peeking in, I have more in my head swirling around to post:)
    Love, Terry

  9. You are silly, I am definitely not the Queen of the Blogosphere!!


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