Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mama always told me...

       Never leave the house without a good breakfast and always put lipstick on...

and everyone knows I always do as I'm told...

but first, my warm facial...
pardon me, is it hot in here or is just me?

Then my lipstick, my favorite color
"Bell Pepper Red"

  There, perfect! Now I'm ready to be seen in public.
Note to self: purchase a better moisturizer my wrinkles are showing...


  1. Terry, You are hilarious! Where on earth did this come from? I just love peeking at your blog. Talk soon. Love Lori

  2. Ok so I'm Really laughing now...:O)
    I was making breakfast yesterday and not long after I cracked the two eggs, I noticed that one of the little bubbles at the bottom of the two eggs popped which made it look like a face with a mouth shouting "Oh" I just could not resist the photo-op! The rest is know it takes a special kind of "mind" to come up with this:)
    Love you darling, glad I made you giggle!

  3. Hi kind of different direction but still kitchen. I have been working to get some vintage aprons ready for a apron auction and I came upon a page in the "Apron Book" by EllynAnne Geisel that said "every apron tells a story." Can any of you tell me a story that has a special memory. Love from Terry's MIL.

  4. Yes I can, thank you for asking! I always remember my grandma Armetta having one on. Anytime we went over to see them which was every Sunday (and any day in-between) for chicken dinner with mashed "spuds" (what they called potatoes back then) she had her 1940-1950's calico print "pull-over" style apron on. It really became her trademark and anytime she didn't have it on we knew either something was wrong or weren't having any of her home cooking! To this day, I still have one of her aprons which I have mounted in a shadow box along with the cookbook she always used. Aprons, cooking and the memory of my favorite grandma will always hold a special place in my heart...Terry
    PS, do I need to see those vintage Aprons before you give them away:)


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