Monday, April 5, 2010

Sewing room, can there ever be too many pictures?

Of my little sewing studio...well that depends on who you ask. If you ask me, I never get tired of looking at it and being in there. I am thrilled to just walk into my studio and wander aimlessly looking at all my "stuff". In fact I find I "look and dream" more than do! Tonight I decided to add a few more studio pics, hopefully for those of you that are following my blog you will enjoy doing a little arm chair touring even if you don't sew, its just a cozy warm space... if you're in your favorite Jami's, curl up and enjoy without having to step out of the car...

Hidden Murphy bed behind treadle machine
and antique 1930's Double Wedding Ring quilt.
The quilt was purchased at Houston International Quilt Festival, 2000.

Design wall behind Koala sewing cabinet (folded away)

Vintage spools and pin cushions,
Vintage sewing basket is holding the original 1923 bill of sale for treadle machine it is sitting on.
It was originally purchased new in 1923 and belonged to a women by the name of Virginia McKinney. 

Note; This room was designed by me, Theresa Bee
(and my handy-dandy sledge hammer that I can't seem to find anymore:~)
But the entire building, construction, design wall, painting and sweat equity
all done by my talented,
tolerant and patient 
husband, Mark Bee...

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  1. I love your sewing room! I know what you mean about enjoying looking as much as sewing. Makes one feel content.



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