Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ladies Day Luncheon...

OK I've never done the Tablescape Thursday before but wanted to join the party here. Now anybody that knows me, knows I love to entertain. Not only do I love entertaining but when I do, say its Christmas, Thanksgiving, or an open house for the holidays my favorite part is setting my table. For me, it is the frosting on the cake after all the prep and cooking of the meal is finished. I save this part for last and anticipate what the final "picture will look like".
One such event was a simple "Ladies Day Luncheon" I did for my lady friends. It was my way of celebrating these two women in my life and to let them know how much I cherish their friendship. One of those women is my BFFL, Lori of whom helped me wrap the antique silverware the for the 60th anniversary party on July 17th.
The table was set with part of my collection of "Lady Head vases"...apropos wouldn't you agree?

These are from the 1940's-1950's and were used by florists as a promotional gift to get folks to come in and purchase floral arrangements. Back then they didn't really have much monetary value, but today they can fetch a hefty price depending on the condition, style and color.
I'm posting what I thought was a very sweet little table setting that day...

Enjoy, but please overlook the poor quality photos, this was in my pre blogging days and a funny little camera. Never in a million years did I think I'd be posting these pictures on the Internet:)

(please click pics to enlarge)
Lady in yellow the hat is Verna Mary after my maternal grandmother

Lady in the aqua hat is Joan Vivian after my mother

 Below ladies are all named for significant women in my life;
Verna Mary in the yellow, Elizabeth Holland in green, Susan Faith in pink, Joan Vivian in aqua, 
Nancy Jean is in blue hiding behind Joan Vivian with her back to the camera she was bit camera shy.
There is one lady missing, she'll be in another post...stay tuned!

Please click on above pic, its just my favorite for detail like
the rim on stemware, Vaseline lemonade set and book page telling what the day was about.

(above two photos)
my maternal grandmothers antique stemware;
"Rambler Rose" by the Cambridge glass company.
Green 1930's Vaseline glass lemonade set from my husband:)

above, the ladies wearing their finest rose bonnets for the luncheon.

above and below, my chintz plates and my maternal grandmother's silver
"South Sea's" by Community.

above, chintz tea set and plates on the tea and dessert buffet...

Thank you Susan from Between Naps On the Porch for being our gracious hostess for this fun little party!


  1. Such a nice luncheon and I love the head vases and the flowers. What a cute touch!

  2. I have a dear friend who collects the head vases, and I can hardly wait for her to see your tablescape. You have used them very effectively. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  3. Terry, it is so pretty! Love the head ladies!! I have just a simple one that my dad gave me flowers in when I was a kid!! I want to come over for brunch!!

  4. Hi Terry,
    Your table setting is so creative and colourful, and very thoughtful as well. Lucky friends!
    And transforming the little Eastlake bed into a lovely little love seat, cushions and all - Fantastic!

  5. I just adore those little hat ladies!! Such fun way to add so colour and display floral cuttings. Your table setting is divine - Looking forward to seeing more inspiring settings... XO HHL

  6. and when you entertain you have a great sense of fun! I like the mix and match look of your table and the touches of whimsy. Welcome aboard!

  7. How beautiful! I adore all of the color! the centerpiece arrangement is just lovely...all of the elements...perfection!

    I love it all!


  8. Your tablescape is beautiful, but those ladies are fabulous!!! I have never seen them before1 Just gorgeous!

  9. What a lovely luncheon table...lucky friends you have to be seated at your table.

  10. How unique! I have never seen vases like that. They look so festive on your pretty table.

  11. How blessed I was to be a guest for that fabulous luncheon! The table was divine along with the scrumptious food; in fact the entire event was like a dream, as only my precious friend can pull off! Love you, sister-friend, Lori

  12. Table setting as always is beautiful. But who is Elizabth Holland? ♥ ♥ Love MIL

  13. Terry beautiful!


  14. What a beautiful and romantic table. I like that you used the lady head vases on your table. I have two of them, they are so cool!


  15. Terri, welcome to the fray. We need a high spirited lady in the Pacific NW who allows other bloggers to "cheat" on today's tablescape post. Thank you for stopping in.
    This table is delightful. I would never put away the ladies with hats, they would be constant companions. xx's Marsha

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I love your tablescape. The chintz dishes and lady's head vases are charming. Look forward to many more visits here.

  17. Very creative!!! Your tea set is awesome!!! Lovely table setting!!!

  18. You are so creative, even naming the hat ladies after some of the women in your life. I didn't even know you knew my middle name. Oh, and Nancy Jean camera shy?
    You are such a wonderful hostess. NVSue

  19. Yes NVSue, I do know your middle name (even though you don't like it:) This particular lady vase was named after you because of her pink outfit; 1st you are wearing a pink dress at our wedding and 2nd because of your volunteer work with Koman!

  20. I have never seen these vases filled I have something new to search for.

  21. Hi Terry: These Ladies Heads are beautiful I don't think I have ever saw these before.
    You must lay awake at nite to dream of table settings. It is beautiful as always.
    Aunt Marie

  22. Hi Terry again: As I took a closer look at the setting for your dessert buffet I notice that you have it on our Mother dresser that you guys had shipped out to you I'm so glad you have it as I know it will be well taken care of. Dave refinish it some years back I had it for a long time and than just didn't have the room for it anymore I used it as a dresser for years. Marie

  23. your grandmother's flatware is my favorite part! i love the vases, too.

  24. Yes Marie, that's your Mother's dresser. I had Mark un-screwed the wheels from the bottom of the legs so that it would be lower and could be used as a buffet. With the wheels on it, it made it taller than the back of the sofa which didn't work for I how I wanted to use it. We can always screw the wheels back on if we wanted to use it as a dresser again. Also I wanted it where it could be seen instead of upstairs hidden away in a bedroom and this was a perfect way to achieve both:)
    I didn't know Dave refinished it, I've always wanted to paint the body of it and leave the drawer fronts like they are. Sort of blend the old with the new.

  25. Terry, WOW! I just got caught up on reading your blog and enjoyed the "Day to Remember" posts! I'm speechless at the beauty and love you poured into making Betty and Arnold's special day truly a day to remember. Good on you (and Mark)!

    I love ALL the vintage touches; makes me want to go antiquing... like right now! Love the Lady Head vases. (no apologies for what you say are poor quality photos; they look great.)


  26. I have a collection of lady head vases also. Love that you invited them to your ladies luncheon. My poor ladies just sit on a bookcase shelf. I need to expand their horizons!

  27. I get teared up seeing my sister Marie's comments and then Arnold's niece in TX So happy that she is following the doings here in the NW where she grew up.
    MIL again

  28. I love the vases and your linens are divine. Your table is really pretty.

  29. What a great post! Welcome to TT -- I love your lovely "guests" at your table -- they look so pretty in their new hats!

  30. I am envious that you have some of Grandma Holland's belongings!:) She passed just after I was born,(I think,....I guess I'll have to pay closer attention to my dad's stories) and the only thing I have of hers is the amarilys(sp?) that has been passed down to all of us through my mom, Elaine.

  31. Snooks, PLEASE email me. I would love to chat (and meet) with you!
    Terry I am confused as to who is who in the Holland/Beaudry family...
    my email is in my profile:)

  32. So so pretty, I love it all.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  33. terry,
    i sell the nest plates at my shop. i have four in stock, they are $15.95 each. i can get more, if you'd like. thanks for your interest! i'll be following your blog, aw well.

  34. WOW Terry for never doing a table scape before you sure did a smashing job! WOW, I love the head ladies they are so pretty, as are the dishes. Have a great day! Debbie

  35. Wow, what a taste! Those lady head vases are adorable. Your blog is beautiful.

    Doris Plaster, a social worker's blog


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