Monday, August 2, 2010

The Missing Lady...

Here is the rest of the story for the Lady Head vases that I said I would share later.

This was the email I sent to the gals that shared the day with me...

"I am not in the best frame of mind right now...Yesterday, March 24th I did my ladies luncheon. After cleaning up last night I left some of my beautiful china pieces on the table to lovingly put away the next day. Also I had my new pink (1957) "Lady head vase" that arrived last night from eBay (I purchased her as a gift to myself to add to my growing 1950's collection) she is, to date the most expensive head vase I have ever bought...anyway my *darling* little (butt-head) kittens grabbed hold of the table cloth this morning and pulled everything down, crashing to the floor...all the fine china pieces broke along with my darling new (1957) "Lady head vase"...after my "Norman Bates psycho scream" while holding back the need to puke I burst into tears as the kittens went running the other direction.

The plates were not salvageable in any way but the lady vase surprisingly only broke her neck which can possibly be repaired. I was a frogs-hair away from breaking more than one neck!

As I stood there crying I just kept saying (with Mr. La Bella Vie hugging me)..."they're just things", "they're just things", "they're just things"...

So today didn't start out too well...but yesterday was wonderful..."

{date; March 25th, 2010}

Just for the record, "she" has been at the Head Vase Hospital  since this happened in March. The women that does the repair told me "not to rush her"...OK I won't but I wonder when this little lady will get to come home...she's been in the head injury unit for sometime now...


  1. Oh so sad! I know what that hospital is like, I have several patients there waiting to be fixed, but no luck yet!

  2. I am so sorry!! I know they are just things but sometimes they still mean a lot to us. We all know the kittens didn't mean to but it sure doesn't stop you from being angry with them!! Same problem with our dog. I hope "she" comes home from the head vase hospital soon!

  3. OH what naughty kittens! My two cats have just succeeded in pulling down the dining room curtains... yup, they climbed and their weight ripped the curtain rod right out of the wall. And bent the metal rod in the process. Oh me oh my!
    Hope you get your cute little head vase back soon. 4 months does seem like an awfully long time.

  4. Oh Terry!!! I am so sorry! I know that is frustrating and sad to you. What if you made a beautiful mosaic piece with the pieces of china? Your lady will come back as good as new! I know she will! Now for the cats... are they still alive???? :-) Murphy (my four legged baby. Post to come about her soon!) ate a picture of my mom! I thought I would kill her! It will all work out and the lady will be home soon!

  5. Yes they are naughty but so cute.(Mark and Terry paid me to say that). Just kidding of course. Love MIL

  6. Terry, I'm so sorry! I hope your beautiful lady will return home very soon - all whole.

    FurBabies - just remember how much love they give you. I had to remind myself of that awhile back when our little four legged baby , Dolce, savoured the heel of one of my fav suede boots...XO ..HHL

  7. Oh, for the love of our four legged babies. Seems it is Susan Faith away at the hospital?? Thought I'd been more strange than usual lately. NVSue

  8. Knowing how much you love your furry little girls, I would imagine that you have since forgiven them for doing what kitties do best. It's still very heartbreaking though to see everything broken this way. I'm so sorry Terry. Love you always, Nancy.

  9. Oh Terry that is a gut wrencher..I felt the pain when the cloth came down....well you certainly can make a mosaic with the dishes...table top or someting. Oh do hope your lady gets fixed soon. Debbie

  10. I gasp in horror when I read your words. I'm so sorry. Good thing you had Mr. La Belle Vie nearby.

  11. Just go to my site again and hit on dinnerware that is bigger and bold it will take you to their site...or just google CSN...great site.

  12. Oh, I am so sad for the mishap with your china and head vases. i don't have any suggestions other than allow yourself to start a new collection of something wonderful. Cherry Kay


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