Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day to Remember {part two}

OK a few more lovely photos from a lovely day...

above, beautiful sisters, Patty (L) and Betty (R)
above (L-R) Neil, Mary,
Betty, Arnold and Mark
above the happy couple
 sisters; Patty and Betty
the wine bar on a 1940 Wilendur cloth; "Peony"  
(too bad vintage tablecloths are cotton
and need constant ironing then wrinkle again if the you look at them wrong!)
above, photo table and wine bar

 the gift table on a 1940 Wilendur tablecloth;
"American Rose".
"In My Garden" applique wall hanging made by Mrs. La Bella Vie:)
party favor cookie bouquet on gift table

For the party favor cookie bouquet,
 I made it from a recycled plastic flower pot, floral foam, silk flowers then placed the cookies in-between.

OK, hope I haven't lost my audience yet,
there's more pics to come...
then I might break out the vacation slides :D


  1. Terry, you just amaze me! Everything is just beautiful and I can't believe you MIL is also 80! She looks like her late 60's early 70's!

    No worries on my comments. I have the approval turned on so nothing will post until I go through them! Haven't been home much either!

  2. They are the sweetest looking couple! You have out done yourself my dear! I can't wait to see more!

  3. I love seeing pictures of this day! You are such a great hostess!

  4. I am enjoying these beautiful moments you are sharing. Your family is so lovely. Blessings HHL

  5. Lovely an so touching Terry.
    Great job! Thank you.

  6. More pictures?... Bring it on! so fun to look at! I continue to be amazed.

    "In My Garden" applique wall hanging made by yours truly :) LOVE IT!

  7. Keep them coming. Your FIL looks like a happily married man. Everything you put together is so well coordinated. There we go thinking alike again. I'm hosting a baby shower in a few weeks and plan to have the gift table on the porch.

  8. Terry everything turned out so BEAUTIFUL it was a lovely day!...Thank you, to you and mark for your labor of love so Betty and Arnold could have such a special day with their loved ones....♥ SIL..Tammy

  9. To Bonnie from Terry's MIL. THANK YOU so very much for the compliment about my age. Reaching the age of 80 has been a hard one for me, but I think now when asked my age I'll say 70. My other daughter-in-law said we should have a "unbirthday" party. Maybe we could all get in on that. Love to you, Betty

  10. Beautiful photos! Terry, thanks for your recent comment on my blog. It was very kind!

  11. MIL, you look like your wedding pics only you're Platinum blond now!
    T. :)

  12. Hi Terry again! These picture are all beautiful.It looks like you all had a beautiful day with Sunshine.I love the pictures of Betty and Patty don't we age well!!Ane you can still see the love in the photos of the wedding couple. Just think 60 yrs WOW.
    Hugs Marie

  13. Terry and Mark,

    What a wonderful celebration and memories for the folks. Everything was beautiful and "The Couple" looked so happy!! They are special-in-laws!!


  14. Terry, Finally found your web site with help from my Aunt Betty. I am Karen, Betty and Arnolds nice from Arizona. It was wonderful to see my picture of Aunt Patty and Betty together. Your right Marie, the Holland’s do age well and I hope that is the same for all their kid’s. Terry, you captured their day and their love in such a beautiful way. I’m eager to see more pictures. Karen

  15. And again, this is Snooks (Kathy), also Betty and Arnolds niece from AZ. Terry, I am totally amazed by your decorating and photography skills! You throw an awesome party! Karen, you and I will have to start planning now if we want to host a party this nice for mom and dad's 60th-we have 5 years to plan it, and we hope everyone can make the trip to AZ!


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