Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Day to Remember {part four}

Believe it or not I'm almost through most of my favorite pictures, but alas, I found more to post:)
so you remember this handsome couple...

well they ended up on this table...

sitting on top of this cake which was a duplicate of the top tier of the bride and groom's original cake in 1950...and yes I made them feed each other cake again just like they did on their wedding day!
the above cake sat next to this surprise birthday cake since it would soon be Betty's 80th and Arnold'79th birthday (she robbed the cradle:)
I scanned an old photo of each of them when they were about 5 years old and had an edible image put on a sheet cake for the rest of the guests'...
Tomorrow...the flowers...


  1. Love that! I love that you made them feed each other the cake. That is priceless!

  2. Yes, those two photos are precious. So long ago. And when the left over cake was delivered to us, I was missing, only Arnold's head. Where am I? OK you all ate me ):
    Love you MIL

  3. Oh my dear friend - what a beautiful and creative gathering you hosted! How wonderful for your in-laws to see so many memories, on this most special celebration of their love and years together. HHL

  4. Just wonderful! The cake was very pretty and I love the topper! It looks like a 1950 couple! Oh how I hope to enjoy my hubby for that long!! I want to grow old (gracefully) with him!


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