Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day to Remember {part three}

OK, OK since you asked...more photos of a wonderful day...

{speakers on please}
a vintage Hydrangea filled watering can

Little three year old Liam.
Not sure if we're playing baseball or Croquet?

Mary, Mark's sister doing the Gunny sack races!

Derek, Cole and Liam doing what little boys do :)

a few of the guests'

Andrea, Mark's daughter. Too bad she wasn't facing the camera, she is so cute!

Mr. La Bella Vie with License to Grill!

The "dining room" out on the cobblestone patio Mark put in a few years ago.
I wish you could come sit here for a while and just listen to the sound of the falling water. There's a large waterfall and pond that Mark built a few years ago just to the right of the white table next to the BBQ.
It is so peaceful while sitting and dining in this beautiful room on this perfectly sunny day!


  1. You had a large group of people! Looks like so much fun! I love the picture of Mark grilling! Looks like he has it all under control!!

  2. Congratulation!!
    Beautiful day, beautiful photos...

  3. Mark and Terry...It was a great day..perfect weather, beautiful setting, delicious food and wonderful company...what more can we ask for? Betty and Arnold looked so happy and I Praise the Lord that I was able to be a part of this wonderful celebration.
    Love Ya, Aunt Patty

  4. Jemsmom: yes we did have lots of family and friends, I would have loved even more since I love to entertain:)

    Elia: Gracias!

    Aunt Patty: We loved having you here, wish we could have spent more time together. Be sure and go into "part one and two" as well, there are some daarling pics of you and Betty!

  5. Just wonderful and I am ready for some BBQ!!! Never have done the gunny sack race!

  6. Liam is our little blue eyed red head great grand son. Get's the red hair from his mother's side . Of course he is a cutie, and 3 yr old
    Bye, great-grandma Betty


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