Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hooray for the red, white and blue!

Ok so anyone that knows me, knows I love anything Patriotic and anything red, white and blue...and green too! So needless to say my two favorite holidays are 4th of July and Christmas, oh and I do love Fall, but that'll be another post.
Anywho, in keeping with my love of all things Patriotic and red, white and blue I decided to do just a simple post of a few of my favorite images for the 4th of July.
And to say to my sweet husband; Mark, my family, my friends and my newest friends; my blog followers.

Happy 4th of July and have a wonderful holiday weekend!


be safe, be happy!


  1. Great pictures Terry. My favorite is the black and white of the ladies stitching the flag.

  2. My favorite is the black and white as well.
    Happy 4th!

  3. Yes, a big 4th of July to you, Mark and the kitties.

    Yesterday I went in to the eye clinic to get my new prescription filled with new glasses. I asked the gal to tighten my frames on my old glasses, so she took it to the back room, pretty soon she came out with a lense and a new frame. She said when she was working with the old frame it broke, so she found the new frame to fit the lenses, so in 2 weeks I'll get the one I ordered and for now I have a borrowed frame with the old lenses. Actually I like this borrowed one. Can only happen to me.
    Love MIL

  4. Oh yes I meant a "big happy 4th of July",to you , Mark and the kitties Love MIL

  5. Hi Terry! Happy 4th of July to you and yours! ... Such sweet vintage illustrations, and your flowers are beautiful! ;) Paulette

  6. Love your beautiful July 4th vintage postcards and especially the beautiful geraniums on that cottage white lovely!
    Have a happy holiday!

  7. Happy 4th Terry! Great weather, huh? Summer starts on the 5th of July LOL

  8. Maybe you can use your 4th banner for labor day? or maybe even Memorial day next year!
    To answer your question about Irene, she is a 91 yr lady who lives in Salem, has this huge studio, but hardly anyone knows about her since she moved up here from California 5 yrs ago. She opens it by appointment only. If you are down this way on a weekend I will take you over there. You just die at all the beautiful things she has painted.

  9. Happy 4 of July Mark Terry and Kitties; Your write up about being at your Grandparents made me think of Sundays after we went to church we always stop to see our Grandmother who lived with her daughter and our Aunt. This was a big deal because that was the only time we were in town as we lived on the farm. Some times we were given a nickle and could run to the store and buy candy not often but that was really a big deal. When our Grandmother came to have a Sunday Dinner with us which was'nt real often we had to really clean the house for that visit our Mother was pretty fussy about that. We lived on the Home Farm and always had a big Chicken Dinner on Sundays. Thats when you went out and kill the chicken the night before and had it on Sunday now that was fresh chicken!!!Terry keep up the great work you are doing on your Blog. Aunt Marie

  10. Marie I hadn't checked this posting for a few days and love your story about our grandmother. She was a special lady. I would sometimes in the summer sit on the porch swing with her. What a wonderful memory.
    Bye, Terry's MIL and Marie's sister.
    Love, love!!


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