Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Give Away!

I've decided to have a little celebration give away because La Bella Vie has made it to 100 followers...OK so 110 but who's counting? Therefore I thought it was time to do something nice to thank everyone!

Typically I think there are rules to these things but let's make it simple...
 you must already be a follower or become a new follower and leave a comment then tell me which give away you would be interested in.
Its that simple!

There's "Give away #1" and "Give away #2" for you to choose from.

Drawing will be on Sunday September 12Th 2010

and will be chosen with "Random Generator" so its fair (we don't need Follower fighting on my first give away, what a mess that could be:)

The two winners will be posted on September 12th.

I'll contact the winners through their blogspot/email then the goods will be sent to their new homes:)

So here we go...

Give away #1
First up; a cute little pair of blue and green candles in ceramic pots with lids (about 3-4"). They are the perfect size for a mantle, or a table scape or maybe on a bedside nightstand. They have delightful Lilly scent but not overpowering at all.

Give away #2
Second up, an adorable "American Vintage Calico" cat. This little cutie is made from a vintage 1930's quilt block. The fabrics used are from old feed sacks which was a very common way of making quilts, shirts, dresses and just about anything else necessary to live comfortably.
The motto of the day was "make do with what you have or do without".
This darling collectible kitty is a limited edition piece (15/45) made by renowned textile artist, Maggie Sue.

Good luck to all of you and remember,
"DFJE" don't fret, just enjoy", its only Blog land!


  1. Wow! I stumbled onto your blog while surfing the blogsophere, and find you're doing a giveaway. What luck! I'd be good with either giveaway prize, but if I had to choose... I'll say the candle holders.

  2. OMGoodness,this is wonderful,a give away, and it's your first,and I am a rusty blogger.,but getting back into it,...I have got to have the cute little pair of blue and green candles in ceramic pots with lids...PICK ME! PICK ME!

  3. HI Terry! Congrats and thank you on your first giveaway!! It is hard to choose, but since I love old quilts, I pick the kitty!!

  4. Love your blog! I would love the have the cat in Giveaway #2. Hope I win it. :)


  5. Hi Terry! Congrats on over 100 followers (of which I am one!!) and since I love quilts and cats, well the very sweet American Vintage Calico!!

  6. So if I have a choice...I say Give Away#1....It would look great on my table outside when we BBQ!!!

  7. Oh definitely #1, but how sweet of you! Isn't blogging an addiction? Hope you have a wonderful week and great giveaway response. I've never won a giveaway, so maybe this will be my first time! Sandi

  8. Terry, Congrats on passing the 100 follower ( hmm who set this # as bench mark? must be a rule somewhere..lol).. What a generous give away - with not 1 but 2 most adorable items. If I happen to one of the very lucky winners selected - the American Vintage Calico would be my choice ~ to own something with such history and to have been loveingly made with caring hands , it would be a treasure most definitely.

  9. Hi Terry, I love them both, so enter me in 1 and 2:) I am not picky except in Men:) That is why I have my cutie hubby. Thanks for joining in this week. Debbie

  10. Congrats on (over) 100 followers!!!! What a sweet giveaway! I love them both, but I am loving the colors on the flowers in the first giveaway! Sign me up!!!

  11. Hi....Im your 110th follower! Congrats to you, you have a lovely blog. I found you from Debbidoos party and so glad that I did. I love Giveaway #1 but am grateful for either. lol

  12. Oh Terry, congratulations on hitting the "100" mark! Way to go, sweet friend. Great way to celebrate, what a great gifts! I love them both, they are awesome and so are you sis!

    Have a wonderful day!


  13. Congrats Terry!
    Blogging is a wonderful way to make new friends and be inspired!
    I love both gifts and I would be thrilled to win either one.

  14. Congrats on the number of followers you have! I am excited to be one. When I visit you I am taken far, far away from the flat treeless plains of West Texas.

    I'm thinking that cat would be a great inspiration in my sewing area!

  15. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers, that's wonderful! I love your little calico kitty, she's so sweet. Happy VTT!

  16. I am glad the others bloggers finally realized what a great person and blogging friend you are. I get excited every time I get a follower. It is hard to realize I would have that much of interest. I am happy for you and love both giveaways. Just me down for both. Thanks for your nice comment and visit.

  17. Congratulations!
    I have a cat, and I love cats, not to mention all things quilted, so I'm sure you know which giveaway I'd like to enter!
    Thanks for the fun!
    thorandellie (att) gmail (dott) com
    PS I'm a new happy follower!

  18. Dear Terry,

    This is my first visit to your blog - I discovered you thru my first visit to Colorado Lady today - and you were the first link I clicked on - so how cool is it that the very first post I see of yours is for your first giveaway?

    I signed up to follow you (liked your blog, giveaway or not!) and would love a chance to win the calico cat!

    Thanks so much! Hope you'll stop by and join me over at Create With Joy when you have a moment!


  19. A beautiful group of giveaway goodies! I would love to be entered in your drawing! I am already a follower and enjoy your blog very much!
    Thanks so much!

  20. LOL! I have a piece of the blue background floral in the fan on the kitty!

  21. I like your blog very much. I am a new follower. Your giveaways are darling. I would love either one. Congratulations on your many followers.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  22. Terry,
    Thank you for finding me and your kind words! I an now a follower of yours :)
    I adore the vintage kitty!

  23. I love the calico kitty
    Love MIL

  24. Hello Terry,
    They are both charming, but I will go for #1 and cross my fingers.

  25. Hi Terry,

    I love the kitty! Definitely giveaway #2!!


  26. Hi Terry! Thanks for signing up as a follower~ LOL- I didn't say I WANTED 1000 followers-I said the next person that signed up at DebbyDo's would have the distinction of being follower #1000. (and I wanted THAT distinction for myself) But...hey...I'll take a new follower anyway I can get one. Nice blog and I will sign up a follower here too!>) Diana

  27. Hi Terry! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I have loved visiting yours, too~ I think your studio is one of the nicest I have ever seen...I am inspired! I am a new follower and would choose giveaway 2! So nice to make a new blog friend!

  28. Hi Terry! I'm so gald you stopped by. I'm now a follower and would love to win the Cat!

  29. I'm already a follower and I just love that sweet kittie! Thanks for this opportunity.

  30. You know I have been a follower from the near beginning!! I want that giveaway #1!!!!!

  31. OMGosh what a fab giveaway Terry!!

    i ADORE cats so i'll pick #2, thank you :) i'll keep my fingers & tootsies crossed lol!

    btw i LOVE your blog! xx

  32. Wow, those are both beautiful gifts! I think I'd choose the cat...but then I'd probably wish I'd chosen the candles! Ha! :)

    Sarah (your newest follower...)

  33. Oh I love the cat it is just gorgeous! (side note you might like our softie swap??) I will post your giveaway in my sidebar and glady become a follower!) Thanks so much.

  34. Terry, what a great giveaway...what a cute cat!!! Anyone would be lucky to win one of these gifts. I clicked follow...as I THOUGHT I ALREADY WAS following...but I guess for some reason my blog was not there! Oh well...I am now!!! Thanks for the chance!

  35. Arrgghhh! Do I have to choose??? :) If so, I think it would be the calico cat, simply because I am such and animal fan.

    ~ Laura (Moags)

  36. Terry,
    I love that calico kitty and of course I am a follower! Thanks so much for hosting and congrats on the followers!

  37. Congratulations on your 100 (plus) followers!
    Both giveaways are just lovely, and I would be delighted if you'd toss my name in your giveaway hat too! xo Paulette


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