Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oaks Park and the boys...

OK so its been a while since I posted but we've had our two grandson's (Cole 6 and Blake 4) here for the last three days. All I can say is I am in such awe of all the mom's out there! I have come to realize it is virtually impossible to blog and have kids at the same time! I had absolutely no time to do anything other than be a grandma and take care of the needs of two very busy little boys! We had bikes to ride, kitties to chase, boo-boo's to fix and bruises to kiss and lots of hugging to do in between! Then we had The Wizard of Oz to watch and popcorn to pop. Picnic's and Pancake's and lots of peanut butter and jelly Sammie's in between!

Then in between everything else, we went to Oaks Park one of the oldest amusement parks in Oregon.

Here is just a teeny bit of a very busy weekend with six and four year old boys! And all I can say is, Grandma's pooped!
but not four year old Blake!
or six year old Cole
or fifty seven year old Papa...he went on every single ride those little boys wanted to go on!
 Grandma said no thanks to this one or she would have been the Screaming Eagle!

and she also said no to this one...
she needed to man this bench instead (someone had to do it!)

 and no to this one too...
Unfortunately I said yes to this one below.
This smile was before the ride started and that was only because I thought it was like the "Teacups" in Disneyland...NOT! I was sure the thing was going to shoot me to the moon!

I skipped this torturous contraption too...but not Iron man Papa and those two little boys!
but alas, they had this darling little choo-choo train that grandma really liked:)
but Papa and the boys thought it was b-o-r-i-n-g!
grandma liked the shady roof and slow, rocking motion of about 3 miles per hour:)
but as soon as that train stopped, those boys (all three of them!) were off like lightning...
to the Scrambler...

Again I sat here and took pictures from the sidelines...
And when the day was done, grandma collapsed and Papa and the boys asked when we get to go again!
As busy as the weekend was and as crazy and hectic as it seemed, we loved every second of having those two darling grandsons here for the weekend and I wouldn't trade it for the world...well maybe the overwhelming sense of nausea I had from the rides...that I could trade:)


  1. Hee hee!!! Fooled you on that ride, didn't they??? What a wonderful time with THREE adorable men!! How fun! I don't know how moms today blog with kids either. I would never have been able to fit it in when my boys were little!

  2. What a wonderful time you all must have had! I wish I had some grandbabies to spoil! Hopefully soon!

    Happy Monday!

  3. Terry-

    It looks like you had a blast with your grandsons! Kids that age are too active for me. You must be wiped out! That amusement park looks like so much fun, and that purple bench looks very inviting! The boys will have these memories forever! :-)


  4. What fun!!!! You guys are such great grandparents and creating so many fun memories for those sweet boys! OK... why is the four year old wearing a sweatshirt?!? Ha! It is still in the 90's here with heat index above 100! No sweatshirts here for a while!!!!

  5. What wonderful memories you must have created for those two little darling boys! XO

  6. Terry,,,I'm glad you at least went on a couple of rides...Next time maybe they can convince you to go on some spinning rides! Looks like you guys had fun though!!!

  7. beautiful color in these photos ..... I like what you say about moms .... maybe that's why I've been so tired and can hardly wait for school to start!

  8. And so when grandpa and grandma took them home they had to stop by great grand parents place to see and chase the pygmy goats and say hi to the two miniture donkeys. The goats think it is play, which it is when the great grand kids get in their pasture and the chase is on.And so when they left they also had a few Transformers (sp?) that great grandma picked up the day before at a yard sale. Lucky kids, huh.

  9. Grandkids are fun and a blessing but...We had our 3 year old twins with us for 4 days in June while their parents moved into their new home. Elliot and Ruby are sooo active, they just keep moving. So needless to say, I understand tired. I told their parents, no more 4 day stays, just an over night and a day..that's them or not. You were brave to take them to the Park and even go on a ride.
    Love Ya, Aunt Patty

  10. They will either keep us young or kill us! Sounds like you had a wonderful time... except for the ride nausea!

  11. had so much fun and you know you did!!~ They keep you young and on your toes. You were pretty brave taking them to an amusement park. Now that my boys are back to school blogging is much easier. I actually had lots of posts in my archives that I had done and then published them thru out the summer.

  12. I came over to say, "hey!' and saw that I missed all the fun! :) It looks like a super fun place to take children!

    Three Pixie Lane

  13. omGOSH, Mark looks JUST like his Uncle Jerry!

    I've experienced the same "no way" on those rides, I'd rather watch from the sidelines and see their faces as they get off the ride--priceless! I was also wondering about the sweatshirt-in August! It was 111 degrees today here in Phoenix! And lastly, the Holland/Beaudry men must love being called Papa instead of Grandpa, thats what my daughter has called my dad all of her life! Snooks

  14. Yep Snooks, Mark looks just like Uncle Jerry, he is a Holland through and through and he looks like his mom too...a Holland!
    Funny thing Cole looks like his Papa too:)
    Also (I laugh at this one) even though Cole calls Mark Papa, little Blake started calling him "Pops" all on his own so I guess that what he'll call him from now on:)
    OK so the sweatshirt is because it was only 65-68 that day:) Sorry I'm only the messanger:)

  15. What a wonderful week-end for all of you! I have some wonderful memories of my grandies at Oaks Park and the fun we have had there. They are 15 and 16 now, so we haven't gone for a few years. One thing I did was make a story scrapbook of every time they came--"Adventures with Grandma". Its a treasure trove of many memories and they still look at it, laugh at the pictures, and relive the wonderful times we shared.

    I love your pictures--Oaks Park has been around a looooong time! I was a roller skater there my last two years of high school, 1947-1950!! I used to take the bus in from Beaverton and transfer to the old Bell Rose Streetcar (long gone). Such fun!

    Well, I guess you can see from my lengthy comment that your post struck a memory for me!!

    You asked me if I sold my cards any place. No, I do not. I make them for gifts, and for my own use. I don't want the pressure of keeping a spindle full in a store. (I might do Christmas for a couple of months in one of the crafter's mall out here in Gresham, but not year round!!)

    Your blog is wonderful--I think I already told you that. So glad your mother-in-law brought it to my attention!!

  16. I've known Mark all of his life and always thought he looked like the Beaudry's...where have I been looking?? When I saw Cole last month I just thought, Little Mark!! It is soooo cute.
    Aunt Patty

  17. Aunt Patty, you are too cute! I think Mark looks like Betty (and Jerry) and yes I always see "little Mark" when I look at Cole. Someday I'll post two look alike pictures I have of them:)

  18. Such fun, but tiring too, I can relate, although our grandkids are now pretty much grown. I miss having younger ones, but I do hope they have memories of some of the neat places we took them.

  19. HI Terry: I've always thought Mark looked like our brother Jerry they are also alike in some ways. Looks like you had a fun time i don't think I would not have the energy to that anymore I guess that means something like age creeping in. Aunt Marie

  20. Terry,your family time making memories,priceless!...It is 100+ in the shade in good ole Southeast Georgia,but I'm one of the crazies that loves hot weather.

  21. Love all the photos. What happy memories for all of you.


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