Monday, August 16, 2010

Angels in Disguise

On August 16th, 2009 we had to say goodbye to our sweet "Little Sister" or better known as; "Sissy Girl" after seventeen years of her being a part of our family. It was the most difficult and heart breaking decision Mark and I have ever had to make. Nothing prepares you for saying goodbye to the "fur baby" that has become part of your family and part of your every day norm, part of your daily routine...nothing.
However, when that day came, we both knew we had to be as good a friend to our Sissy Girl as she had been to us for all those years. We knew if we kept her hanging on, it would be for our own selfish reasons and not because it was in her best interest.
Knowing this, we said goodbye to our companion of seventeen years that day.

Though as sad and as difficult as that day was, our Sissy Girl was a great teacher in so many valuable lessons. "Kitten Parenting 101" was her favorite chapter in the book . So when the day came for new kitty babies to adopt us, we remembered all the lessons she taught us and welcomed these two sweet sisters into our home.

Now if ever there was merit to the phrase "everything happens for a reason" this would be proof of that; according to C.A.T. (Cat Adoption Team) these two little girls were born
August 16th 2009!

Meet Pearl and Emmie!
Emmie's name is because of the little "M" on her forehead.

meet Miss Emmie "Bibs" as a wee little girl with such big ears and beautiful eyes!

finally she grew into those ears and still those gorgeous eyes!

into the loveliest lady...

and still oh so proud of that regal bib...

and here is little Emmie, such a beautiful grown up gal...

Now meet Miss Pearl "The Little Spitfire" as a wee little girl. She got her name because of the beautiful Pearl grey cashmere sweater she's wearing!
we are certain she is baby of the two sisters,
and yes she is a bit cross-eyed but it makes her even more adorable!

and the sillyest and most playful...

and is down for the count first!

and smiles the most, especially while on my shoulder!
and has grown into the prettiest little girl!

For your 1st birthday party, you both get Tuna cakes!


  1. Hola!
    I love your sweet little girls!!!
    so nice..
    have a good day!

  2. I'm so so sorry about Sissy Girl. I know how it feels to loose a fur child.
    Emmie and Miss Pearl are gorgeous. Thank you for those delightful pics.

  3. I am so very sorry you lost Sissy. All of the cats are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and I am thinking of you.


  4. They are just adorable!! Sissy Girl was so special that it took TWO girls to fill the emptiness she left behind! Now I can see why the pretty things got broke! They are still young ones full of lots of energy!!

  5. How sweet they are and so grown up at 1! Love the photos of then and now. So cute. Yes Sissy Girl was special and I agree with Bonnie it took two girls to bring that much love back to your home.

  6. So sorry about Sissy Girl. I know it has to still be hard even after a year. We have a fur baby named Murphy. She has been with us for 12 years and is my first baby. How special that those two sweet girls were born on this day. I love the M on her head! Is the picture from Elizabeth Johnson a professional portrait? It is beautiful. My favorites are Sissy in the white paper and the one of Pearl wound up in the Christmas hat! So beautiful and sweet. I know all these babies are a great joy to you!

  7. They are sweet and precious!!! Yes, all does happen for reasons ~ and there is always an Angel to open a window when a door of happiness closes. I'm sure Sissy Girl is there in spirit thinking "I taught you well" ... XO HHL

  8. Oh my, I didn't realize today was a year since the very sad day Sissy went on to the rainbow bridge. Your new girls have brought joy where there was sadness.
    We, as you know, are now struggling with the same decision for Daddy's 18 year old Rascal.

  9. NVSue, that day will be rough for all of us with Rascal!
    PS about 97 in PDX today!

  10. I love the M on Emmie's forehead, she is really adorable, they both are! I remember when my cat died (naturally), I bawled my eyes out (and I was actually at an airport when I found out - strangers gave me tissues!). I still miss him and that was ten years ago. I hope to get a kitten soon! Have you seen this?

  11. Pets are great and bring you a lot of pleasure. For this very reason, I will not ever have another one. They also cause too much pain and grief that I can do without. Sorry about your little kitty.

  12. Love your sweet girls. Makes me think of the 20 years that we had with each of our ladies, Misty, Goblin, and Noel. Miss them still. Thanks for dropping by to meet Miss Peg Nappy. Cherry Kay

  13. My fur babies are dogs, and I feel the same way. I've had to say goodbye to 2 dalmatians, and our latest, my best friend Scooter. It was THE hardest thing we've had to do because he was only 6. But we had to let him go so he could be free of pain. We found a new little love in Jack, and tho he can be SUCH a PUPPY(!), he is my new best friend and gives me wonderful ear nibbles every morning! We love our pets as much as any other member of the family and I wouldn't have it any other way!

  14. Snooks.....:) love you
    Aunt Betty

  15. What little beauties they are! I'm very sorry about your Sissy Girl. I know how heartbreaking that is. We have three little darlings that just about run the house! Great pictures, Sweetie! xo Paulette

  16. I am so sorry about your sissy is so hard to lose pets! Beautiful photos....Debbie

  17. I am so so so sorry you have lost a member of your family! Big hugs to you!!

  18. So Sorry for the loss of your sweet Sissy girl, it is always hard to say goodbye. Your other two girls just look so perfect as companions too. Hope they enjoyed their tuna cake!

  19. I love this post. Your kitties are so beautiful! A year ago we had to put our beloved kitty, Joe down. It was the hardest thing ever. Then over the weekend we put our 17 year old Shih Tsu/Poodle down. With both, the house seems a little emptier and a piece of our hearts are missing.
    I am so glad that God gave you two more to fill your heart.

  20. HI Terry: Sorry to hear about your furry friend.
    We went through that some time ago with a dog and it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. We think of getting another Pet but than think no as it is to hard to say good bye.
    Aunt Marie

  21. Marie, Open your heart, there is another little pet waiting for you...they need you and don't mind the short time with us, they just want someone to love them while they are here...


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