Monday, June 6, 2011

June is Rose Festival month in "The Rose City"

Below are a few of my roses from last year. Unfortunately this year they are suffering from powdery mildew or haven't bloomed at all because of our record rain fall and below average temperatures, so I guess I'm praying to the "Rose Gods" to bring these beauties back for Rose Festival month...

And in the mean time, if you are ever in Portland albeit for Rose Festival or other business be sure and check out the Pittock Mansion which is right up by the Rose Garden right here in beautiful sunny soggy Portland...


Above Rose: Theresa Bugnet (pronounced; "Boon-yaa")

Above and below Rose; "Oklahoma"

Most of my roses live on or next to my deck so the deer won't eat them...
they're convinced my roses are an "all you can eat salad bar!"

Hopefully this week I can do a post on something I just love every year during Rose Festival month but have never been able to capture, but this time I have a plan! Stay tuned for more Rose Festival festivities and have a great week everyone!

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  1. Terry--don't tell me those are this years pics of roses!!! My bushes are loaded with buds but no blooms yet:(


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