Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lemonade, Sunshine and Bare feet...

must mean its summertime and the livin' is easy...


  1. Looks like fun! I am just finishing my final essay for the term, and can't wait to get out in the wonderful weather this week! I have been cooped up all day with the textbooks. I am glad you enjoyed your yard this weekend!

    The second photo down is really stunning with the blue sky and silhouetted trees!

  2. Don't you love it! Tomorrow we are headed to the beach so I can dig my toes in the sand. I just need to! Summer is a wonderful time even though it is already VERY hot here! Just means I must go to the beach or pool more! It is a tough life I lead! Who is the cutie in the picture?

  3. Ahhhhhh, sunshine in Beavercreek at last! The lemonade looks heavenly!

  4. Elizabeth: You work too hard sweet girl. There those rare days when we're in school (I never did this though;) that its OK to skip class:)
    Thanks for the compliment on the 2nd pic. My fav is the look on Cole's face; it just say's summertime to me.

    Jemsmom: Yes we finally had a summer weekend here in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Thank goodness or we'd all need webbed feet. The little boy is my 6 year old grandson, Cole. We had him for the weekend and he/we had a ball!

    TexasMom: Yes sunshine here on the farm in BC! You know what its like out here when it rains so much; nothing but soggy mud! But when the sunshines...heaven on earth!

  5. I want a sip of that lemonade; your photos are gorgeous.

  6. Cole you look so "cool", from Grandma Betty
    Not so fast with the rainy Oregon, while we are enjoying this sunshine my two sisters in MN, one lives there and the other visiting from AZ, spent Saturday at a grad party under three different canopys to keep out of the rain. Brrrr. They had their summer a couple weeks ago. At least we can look forward to our summer :-) Bye MIL

  7. Grandma Betty, Cole os one cool dude! We had a ball with him this weekend!

  8. Cole looks like he's really enjoying himself. We spent a very beautiful Sunday afternoon sitting on the beach a So. Lake Tahoe, water still a little too cold though.

  9. Hi there, followed you over from Anyes. :)
    I am so happy that the nice weather is here. Nothing better than throwing the kids outside to play. :P
    The lemonade looks great!


  10. Summertime and childhood go together so well. Ah, the good old days! :-)


  11. Thanks for stopping by this morning!! The pic isn't the greatest but it is something new. Hard to get a picture of me since I am always taking them. I cropped it from another picture!!

    Worked on the website using the new template designer. I also took a picture of a vignette I have for a new header picture. Thought it was more geared towards decorating than my Texas bluebonnets!!!

    Have a great day. It is storming here!

  12. my fingers are crossed for more weather like this!!! the June gloom is a bit too gloomy of late :}

  13. Love this :-) Adorable boy & barefeet!


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