Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm sure we'll just bypass a blooming spring this year...

but she's trying her best despite all the pouring rain
we've had...




  1. I love your Oregon photos :) Yes, we too have unrelenting rain. I'm south of you and I'm begging mother nature for some relief and a bit of warmth. I can't believe this is already June and I'm still wearing a hoodie. Soon.....very soon it will be gorgeous with blue skies and warm days when the sun will be kissing our faces.

    Thank goodness we spent Memorial weekend in California where the sun was bright enough to warm my soul.

    It's so nice to meet you!!

  2. What a beautiful post, Terry! I'm off for the week-end to my sister's in Medford. Driving down with the kids as Elizabeth has 3 plays to see in Ashland. Will talk next week. Love you, sister-friend, Lori

  3. Beautiful pictures! Are these flowers in your yard? If so, I'm sure looking forward to seeing them next month.

    Love Ya, Aunt Patty

  4. yes they are but they are having a hard time bloooming, its been so cold!
    Love you too!
    See you in a month...

  5. We have a saying here in Nevada, we go from winter to summer (no spring). Daddy is like a mother hen with his tomato plants, hoping for sun.

  6. I think the sun is shining right now...look quick!
    Actually I think its supposed to be a great sunny weekend, so the "little matoes" should do well...

  7. thanks so much for following passionately :)

  8. Rain and only +5C here today..... wind at 40kph .... arrrgghhhhh!!!


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