Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plaids that play well together...

OK so its been a while since I've posted and you know why? Because I've been really busy playing! Playing around in my sewing room...finally! I say finally because all summer long, I've either been outside or busy with summer activities and blogging has taken a backseat until this past month. However, in this post I really have been anticipating a wonderful Fall season and getting the house ready for "cozying in". 

So in anticipation of that, I've been working on what turned out to be a huge project! A few months ago I got a new (plaid) ottoman and recliner for our family room that you see below.
the plaid fabric in the ottoman and pillows actually has the same sage green in it that my sectional is, however its difficult to see in these pictures...

I also had a plaid lumbar pillow made from the same fabric to sort of pull the room together. But once everything was in place, I soon realized, my wicker table and chairs in my kitchen nook looked awful. You can see the old pink cushion below and just how bad it looked with the new plaid...

So I ordered the same plaid fabric that's on the ottoman (by-the yard) and decided to make new cushions which turned out to be harder than I thought; upholstery fabric is difficult to sew on a home machine but it was worth it in the end.

I took the original cushion covers off,

numbered each one because in reality, each cushion is just a bit different in size from the factory so in order to make sure the new covers fit well, I wanted to keep the right cushion with the right cover.

then used them as my pattern pieces...

to cut the new plaid fabric.

 I kept all the pieces together for each pre-numbered cushion

 made new piping covers but used the original piping the cushion had on it as a cost saver but also because it was still in really good condition...

sewed it all together and came up with this new look just in time for Fall...

which I must say looks soooo much better with my new ottoman!

Next re-build the TV/entertainment cabinet out of an antique armoire we have. We did have everything housed in there until we put a new TV in and it doesn't fit anymore...oh well the projects never end!

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  1. That looks wonderful, so creative and saved you money. good job.

  2. That looks fantastic!!! I am in awe of your sewing skills. I have none! Your living room looks so lovely and now the kitchen just ties right in. Gorgeous!!!

  3. Terry- YOu did a great job on those cushions. You are right- no easy matter to sew with a home machine! Love the way they look now. It looks just wonderful! xo Diana

  4. Terry - I am loving it ALL! That sage is my favorite green and just goes with everything your couple it with. I agree once you start, the projects just never end, lol.


  5. Terry, I just stumbled onto your blog; and I must say that I love everything that you have done here!! It is simply beautiful!! I am a newbie to blogging and your newest follower. I hope you will follow back! God bless you!

  6. I love your home Terry!
    And I am so impressed by your sewing skills...those new covers look perfect!
    OOOH and I love that fireplace area, so neat with the arch!
    Happy Week to you!

  7. You did a great job with those cushions. I am in awe of anyone who can sew! Your room is beautiful and I love plaid.

    Robin Flies South

  8. Terry, you are one creative lady! I'm so very impressed, your cushions look just awesome! Great job and I do love the fabric you chose, it's spectacular!


  9. Yes, nice and you've changed the whole room acually.We live so close and so far. MIL

  10. Dear Anonymous...we should have you out here for a dinner...its soup time again ;0)

  11. Glad to see you got some blogging and sewing in and that the table and chairs are back in the nook. Good job!

    NV Bonus Mom

  12. Very pretty! And I am impressed by your talent for sewing. I know how difficult it is to work with upholstery fabric. Well done. God bless x

  13. I just want you to know that I find it almost unbelievable that someone could do that! Amazing! Your cushions are gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by Take Six, and have a super weekend!


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