Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mom Cave Contest

Today I'm linking up with
Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch and Home Goods
for the "Mom Cave contest".

 Here are the rules;
Well as soon as I saw this challenge my competitive spirit came out! Not only because I think I have all five components of the challenge and would love to win a $250.00 gift certificate to Home Goods, but I think I have the best "mom cave" in the world...well maybe even the universe...just sayin'.

I'd like to invite you to read the history of how this room came to be thanks to my hero, Mr. La Bella Vie. Its a fun story, however I don't want to lose my audience with text, instead I'll hold you captive with eye candy pictures of the sweetest "Mom Cave" I have ever been in. 

Come on in...

First rule; a place to sit. This is where I do hand sewing, reading, listening to music and yes occasionally napping. Its cozy, quiet and right by a sunny window, it just doesn't get any better...

this sunny bank of windows is on the south side of the house facing the back of our property, the chair sits right next to it (do you see it, bottom left corner?)
Second rule; space to organize your stuff. I am an avid quilter and fabricaholic (among many other collecting addictions) and these are a few of the ways in which I organize my junk stuff. This is just one side of the room. This a bit picture heavy but I just couldn't help myself and besides, Susan said she wanted lots of pictures and lots of close-ups:)
 pull out bins for fabric storage...

(click to enlarge "wall words")
  my custom display shelf built by my hero, Mr. LBV for my toy sewing machine and pin cushion collection...

reflection in the vintage mirror is the opposite side of the room

 Below; one of my pin cushion dolls; "Miss Rose City". I made her as I have with many of my pin cushions. Most of the pin cushion dolls I've made are embellished with my mothers old jewlery...

 vintage thimble boy...

 shoe and boot pin cushions...

now for the other side of the room...
 This bookshelf unit was built by Mr. LBV. Behind the antique Double Wedding ring quilt is a Murphy bed for the occasional guest. You can see it in action below...isn't that the coolest thing!

below is my felt covered, cork board design wall

on the shelves...

a CD player for music
books for inspiration sit next to Tiffany bear
(she's made from an old quilt block)...

a few of my antique quilts...

Third rule;  the place we do our craft or hobby, in this case my Koala sewing cabinet and table and craft/cutting table. These pieces are huge when open and fold down to just a fraction of their original size.

Fourth rule; a place where your girlfriends can visit and do the hobbies we love. OK so this isn't the best picture but I had no idea I would ever need a photo for blogging!
The Fifth and last rule; to post pictures of what you would need from 
Home Goods online to "beef up your mom cave" so here they are...lamps, lamps and more lamps and lighting! I thought these would be adorable in my Mom cave because I really do need more light for when I'm in there in the evening and another chair for girlfriends day, oh and a tea set and tray for nibbles would be nice too and a couple more storage baskets...I could go on and on but don't want to sound ungrateful for what I already have!

Thanks Susan for hosting another fun Linky party, you're the best hostess!!


  1. Terry I loved this room the first time I saw it on one of your posts ... you have one of the sweetest Mom/woman caves!! Good luck in this giveaway.... xo HHL

    P.S. I need a woman cave .... ;)

  2. Love your mom cave. The sunshine, comfort, organization, it is all very nice. Lezlee

  3. I want that room! Why don't you do a give-away and offer your room as the prize? I do suppose shipping would be a bit pricey! I love is the perfect place to craft and and sit...I just love it-and one of things that I like best about it-is all the natural light that floods the room. Usually these rooms are in the basement (or lower level) like mine is and has limited windows. Love yours! Diana

  4. What an amazing room! You should for in the running for sure!

  5. This is such a great room! You are so organised and I love that comfy chair. Thanks for your great organizing tips!

    Best wishes,

  6. OMGoodness, your room is beautiful. Love it! Wish I had one so organized and cute. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love it. I could be real creative in your space.

  8. wowo-totally awesome...I think I wanna come over :)

  9. What a gorgeous, wonderful space! So many interesting and lovely things displayed with such creativity! You get my vote!! Hope you win!!

  10. Fabulous. Love the design wall - I will be stealing that idea!!!

  11. I am pink with envy! Thank you for visiting my blog this evening...I had to pop over and check out your post as well and all I have to say is, WOW! Your hubby is handy and loves you very much! What a lucky lady you are! Happy sewing and good luck with the contest!

  12. Terry your cave is so wonderfully orgainzied~~

  13. What a great space and wonderful storage!

  14. Wow, what a room! It has everything! I love the sewing area and the French doors. Fantastic!


  15. Love the room but my favorite spot is the sitting area and the bookcase area. Love the lighting in it.

  16. Wow! I'd love a mom cave like this! Good luck!

  17. Oh, Terry, your room is so beautiful. It is so M.E., I am envious. Your blog is awesome, I just signed up as a follower. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit, so that I could see your work!

    Best of luck,


  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your room is making me drool. I love all of your little details and objects on the shelves. I call them "whatnots".
    I'm glad to see someone else who sews. I love quilts, and that's how I learned to sew - helping my mom piece quilt tops and make doll clothes.
    I could sit in front of that window all day!

  19. What an amazing cave you've got! You have everything right's all so charming, so inviting, so organized and down right pretty! Love it!


  20. What a fabulous space! I'd love to have a room like this with that great work table and all that storage. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. ~ sarah

  21. This is a fantastic space. Great storage, great view, great comfort, and a great saying above the closet. Love it.


  22. You do have a nice mom cave! I don't really have that kind of space. Thanks for visiting my fall post and commenting. I'm glad you're enjoying the pics of New England. It is a must see.
    ~ Julie

  23. It was nice of you to comment on my post. I am new at this and it was nice to see the comment. Your space is very nice. Love the husband saying on the wall. I also like the stacked quilts. It appears you also have a lot of sentimental attachment to your treasures. I also saw your post on dahlias. I've only grown them for the past two years and I don't know why I waited all these years. (Well, yeah I do, it has to do with digging them up every fall but now that the kids are older I have a little more time for things like that.) I cut some of the beauties and brought them inside for bouquets for my kids'rooms and left them long past their prime and they started producing new growth. I was stunned. I bring a lot of flowers in for bouquets and have never had that happen. I'll have to try to keep them growing all winter. I also need go dig up the plants and bring hem in as we've had our first frost and I need to get them up and stored for winter. Maybe I can keep one in a pot inside this winter.

  24. wow...your Mom Cave is wonderful and you really should appreciate your MR ;) Love the murphy bed wall as well. Best of luck in the giveaway, fondly, Roberta

  25. I am seriously coveting your chair/ottoman (I'd never work and only relax!) and your fabric storage bins are fantastic! But the pin-cushion embellished with your mother's jewelry just put the biggest smile on my face - what a fabulous idea :)

  26. Love your mom cave! Just stopping by to say hello. Looks like you have been too busy to blog like me!!! Hope you are doing well.

  27. Hi! What an incredible space! I had to scroll up and down a few times just to take it all in! I have to drag my sewing machine out of a closet and downstairs every time I want to use it so this makes me very jealous! :-) I found your blog through Marla at Always Nesting and it is so fun to meet other Oregon Bloggers! Pop over and say hi sometime if you get a chance!

  28. Hi Terry,

    You room is beautiful and I am happy that you won the gift certificate.



  29. Yea! Congrats to us! I've already told you how lovely I think your room is, and I do! Lezlee

  30. Congratulations. I hope you get something just for you with your gift certificate.

  31. How did I miss this post???????? Girlfriend, your cave is magnificent!!!!!! I'm so in awe of what you've put together and the room is so darn cozy!! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

  32. Congratulations Terry! Fabulous space!

  33. What a wonderful space to create, relax too.
    I came over from Eastlake Victorian sidebar, so glad I did. I am from Oregon, now in Alabama...Nice to meet you Terry!

  34. Love love love your "Mom Cave". Where did you find the awesome cutting table with all that storage?

    Also, the murphy bed I think is the solution I have been looking for... have to convince my own Mr. LBV...

  35. Hi Rebecca,
    Thank you for the nice compliment, I do love my little space!
    Well the cutting table is from Koala Cabinets and they don't make this one anymore but they have and even nicer one! Just do a Google search for Koala cutting table and you'll find many sewing center now sell them.


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